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Impex - How and Where to Download

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  • Impex - How and Where to Download

    Impex has been released as an open source project. The official open source release is here:

    The official release will not get any further official updates. VB Support Team member Zachery will be maintaining a fork of Impex himself so I would recommend you instead download Impex from here instead:

    There is now an Impex forum is now at

    As of January 22, 2015 both versions were updated with latest known fixes but going forward only Zachey's version is likely to get updates.

    Impex is no longer available in the Members Area.

    The Impex Manual is here:

    Please be aware this version of Impex does not work natively with VB5. In order to import into VB5 you must first import into VB4 and then upgrade to VB5.

    At this time the Impex software as it was made open source was not designed for PHP 5.4.x or higher. It is best you try to run it using PHP 5.2.x or at most 5.3.x. Due to this limitation the highest VB4 version you should try to use at the same time is VB 4.2.2. Do not try to import into VB 4.2.3 as that requires PHP 5.4.x or higher to install. It is possible a future branch of Impex will be updated to work with newer PHP versions in time.

    To use Impex you will need to edit some files such as configuration files. Windows users should not use notepad to edit these files. Instead download a true code editor like Notepad2 or Notepad++. (Both are free and easily found with Google.)

    Please note that Imepx was written many years ago - it was not designed for modern versions of PHP. If you can temporarily use PHP 5.3.x to do the initial import it is recommended you do so- once content is imported you should then upgrade to PHP 5.4.x or beyond, whatever your version of vBulletin will work best with.

    Impex Alternatives

    Although we do not endorse or support these 3rd party services in anyway we are aware some customers have used these services successfully to convert from other forum and CMS/Blog packages to vBulletin. Please note they are not free.

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    Impex discussion is now on

    Note: As of the time Impex became open source the following modules were included. Tier 1 had the best chance of working while tiers 2 and 3 were less likely to work, and if they did work, imported less content. Full details are in the manual.

    Tier 1
    Eve 1.3.4 / Groupee 4.0.3 1.3.4 - 4.0.3
    fusionBB 2 2.1
    Ikonboard (MySQL) 3.x
    Invision Board 3 3.0.3
    Invision Board 2 2.3.0
    Photopost 5.1
    phpBB1 1.4.x
    phpBB2 2.0.22
    phpBB3 3.0.5
    Simple Machines Forum 1.9
    SMF 2.0
    Snitz Mysql & MSSQL 3.4.04
    Text file importer 0.0
    Infopop UBB.threads 6.5
    Infopop UBB.threads 7.2
    vBulletin 3.7.x
    WoltLab Burning Board 2.3.3
    wbb3 3.0.3
    YaBB 2 2.1
    YaBB SE 1.5.5
    Tier 2
    ASPPlayground 2.5.5
    DCForum+ MySQL 1.27
    InstantForum 4.1.4
    Invision Community Blog 1.2.4
    MyBulletinBoard (MyBB) 1.4
    Allaire 3.1
    ASP-DEV 2.0
    ASP-DEV 2.0
    beehive 0.5
    Community Server 2.1
    CuteCast 2.x
    Discuz 2.5
    dotnetBB 2.42
    dotnetBB 2.42
    dragonfly 9.2.1
    Drupal 4.7.0
    dzoic 3.5
    eshare 0.0
    ExpressionEngine 1.6.2
    FUD Forum 2.x
    FuseTalk 2.0
    fusion BB 1.0.3
    JForum 2.1.5
    Jive 5.5
    Jive Forums 4.0.0
    megaBBS 1.69-2.2
    Phpwind 3.3.1
    Simple Board 1.0.4
    vBulletin 3.0.* - 3.5.*
    wowBB 1.63
    YaBB Gold 1.3.1
    Tier 3
    CHC Forum 0.0
    DiscusWare 4.x Pro tab file data 4.x
    MxBoard 1.1.4
    Infopop Open Topic 4.0
    PNphpBB2 (Post Nuke) 2
    Advanced Electron Forum 1.05
    w-Agora 4.1.7
    BuildACommunity 0.0
    bbBoard 2
    CFBB 1.3.1
    Deluxe Portal 2.0
    DigiPost 2.0
    DiscusWare (file based) 4.00.6
    Discuz 4.0.0
    e107 0.7.8
    Edge CMS 13-11-2005
    EncoreII 2
    fireboard 1.0.4
    freethreads 0.0
    Geeklog 1.3.10
    Invision Power Board 1.3
    Seditio (LDU) 121
    Max Web Portal 0
    mercuryboard 1.1.4
    miniBB 2.0.1
    mmforum 0.1.5
    mvnforum 1.0.2
    mysmartbb 1.50
    MyTopix 1.3.0
    openBB 1.0.7
    Oxygen 1.1.3
    Phorum 3 3.4.8
    Phorum 5 5.0.16
    phpMyForum 4.0.1
    PHP Fusion 6.00.301
    PunBB 1.2.10
    SiteFrame 3.1.8
    SiteNet BBS 2.0.3
    ThWboard 3.00
    Toast Forums 1.6
    Tritanium BB2 2 Alpha 7
    trollix XForum 2.0
    TruBB 1.1
    ttCMS 3.1
    Infopop UBB classic 6.3 - 6.7
    Ultraboard 2000
    versatile Bulletin Board 1.0 RC 1
    vBJournal 1.0.2
    vBulletin Forum 2 Blog 3.6.8
    vBlogetin 1.0 Beta 3
    vanilla 1.1.4
    vBulletin 2 2.3.10
    vBulletin lite 1.0
    vbzoom 1.1
    webbbs 5.30
    Webcrossing 5.0
    Web Wiz Forums 9.08
    WordPress 2.3.1
    XMB forum 1.9
    Xoops - Newbb 2.0
    Xsorbit X5 x5
    Yet Another Forum 1.9.0
    Yahoo Groups access dB download 0.0
    Yahoo groups (raw text) 0.0
    zeroforum 2.1.0
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