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  • DB error: Duplicate entry

    Hi guys... I'm sorry for my english, I'm Italian.

    5-6 months ago, I tried to merge my phpBB3 forum in vB4 (new installation of vB) only for test. Everything went ok, no problem. Great. But it was only a test.
    Now, I try to repeat the merge because now it's the time to close old forum and open the new with vBulletin, but now and only now, I get an error in the "forum import process" of impex!

     ImpEx Database error  mysql error: Invalid SQL:   INSERT INTO vb_forum ( styleid, title, options, displayorder, parentid, importforumid, importcategoryid, description, replycount, lastpost, lastposter, lastthread, lastthreadid, lasticonid, threadcount, daysprune, newpostemail, newthreademail, parentlist, password, link, childlist, title_clean, description_clean, showprivate, lastpostid, defaultsortfield, defaultsortorder ) VALUES ( '', 'Dopo gara', 89799, '237', '13', '237', '0', '233||X|X||Commenti a caldo, interviste, foto e replay della gara', '0', '', '', '', '0', '0', '0', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'Dopo gara', '233||X|X||Commenti a caldo, interviste, foto e replay della gara', '', '', '', '' )   mysql error: Duplicate entry '65535' for key 1   mysql error number: 1062   Date: Tuesday 26th 2013f November 2013 11:30:53 PM Database: Sql399106_4 MySQL error:
    Inside the old forum, I have only 1071 forums and not 65535. This big number it's the same of SMALLINT, a value of the "vb_forum" table. I changed this value in BIGINT, and now I no get error, but the import process is infinite and I reached 800mb of space in the database.. impossible! It's a loop ! I checked a "vb_forum" table and in fact, I have seen that there are many duplicate records!

    Why this loop? I tried some solution, but without result... Why 5-6 months ago impex worked great, and now i get an error if no changes were made ​​to the phpBB3 forum?

    Please help me, thanks! Ciao!

    EDIT: ah... a question: where can I download the version 1.104 mentioned HERE? In members area I found version 1.96

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    Everytime you redo the import, without reinstalling the software, the ids will just keep getting bigger. I'd suggest that you download the latest copy and reinstall the vBulletin software from scratch.


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      Everytime I delete all files on the FTP and clean DB... Offcourse..


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        Help please


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          How are you cleaning the database? Dropping it completely and starting over?

          This happens if you run multiple imports. You can change the field from smallint to an int but that will only delay the issue if you continue running multiple imports.
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