I am trying to use the Impex to import FusionBB 2 into a clean install of the latest VB.

I have increased the PHP memory size, and adjusted my.cnf settings as suggested in this post. However I still am having trouble.

I am running Impex from the site root.

Database checks out and the user groups import. However when I get to the users I have issues. There are about 67,000 users to import, so this is a large import. When I attempt to complete this user import step with the default of 2000 users per page, it doesn't complete. Usually the connection gets closed or MySQL restarts.
If I set this limit lower, let's say 100 users per page, I will get 99 successful users imported, and then it will just return to the main screen. If I set it for 200, I get like 198 imported and it returns to the start screen.

I'm happy to set this to a low amount and let it just chug away and take it's time, but unfortunately, it doesn't loop, it just does the first batch and stops.

Any suggestions as to how to get this to work?