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Importing vB3.0.* to vB4.2.0 PL3

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  • Importing vB3.0.* to vB4.2.0 PL3

    Hello community! I have a doubt about the legendary step we're going to act since 10 years of stable forum...

    The online impex manual shows a board different from real.

    Precisely, you can see on this page of the manual - - just a single input field (type of board you're importing from) while the actual version asks for:

    1) Select System ::
    2) Select version and product to export to ::

    and for the second input field, the top value is "
    vb4.0.* - vb4.1.*" (4.2.* is missing!)

    My questions is:
    - do I have to import vB3.0.* to
    vB4.1.12 PL3 (empty database) or
    - can I manage the import directly to vB4.2.0 PL3 (empty db), selecting as 2nd input field the line "vB4.0.* . vB4.1.*" ?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    I'm sorry... I've got a second issue. I deem it could be a "major" issue.

    Re: Association ad users import.

    My vB3.0.1 board counts approx. 20K users. The new empty board (vB4.2.0) has got only the admin (userID = 1).

    All of the vB3.0.1 users should keep the same ID in the new vB4.2.0 as there are
    45'238 threads and 1'172'745 posts that are recorded with that particular userid.

    I should find out where is the PHP script that reads the source user table and populates the target user table, changing previously the "AUTO_INCREMENT" to the key field 'userid' and adding the 'userid' field in the insert dbquery.

    Any other easier solution?

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      You should really be upgrading, not importing.


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        Upgrading also lets your users keep their userids, that isn't an option on an import.


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          Thank you Zachery and Joe D.
          The reason why I choosed the impex solution, is that I could easily prepare the enviroment (testing and including all the possible hacks, mods, styles etc.) and - when ready - simply start the importing of basic data (forum, threads, posts, users, attachments, icons, smilies, avatar, polls).
          If I do the upgrading process (from 3.0.1 to 3.5, then to 3.7, 3.8 then to 4.1 and finally to 4.2.0 PL3) I will have data safe, but no chance to duplicate the 4.2.0 enviroment tested to the upgraded board.
          If so, I'll proceed with the step by step upgrading.


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            You do not need so many steps. Obviously have a database backup before you start but you should be able to go from 3.0.x to 3.8.7, and then from 3.8.7 directly to 4.2.0.

            Also you are allowed a 2nd "test" install so you can do your testing on the upgraded data if you want, it just needs to be a password protected directory (usually via htaccess passwords.)


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              I tried the upgrade to vb4 but the result was not satisfactory because of the mess I got when were deleted 258 templates... no more forums categoryzed or usergroups permissions, neither bbcode and lot of problems on avatars... So I got back to my original idea and finally, after a whole week of study and trials, and after changing 14 php and coredatabase, I succeded to import the EXACT IMAGE of my database 3.0.1 into vb 4.2.1. (still some tables to reimport manually, such as userban) but the final result was a huge step I was waiting for since 2007...
              Tha matter of fact is this: I have running an out-of-date vb-board. Well, I install a new up-to-date empty vb board (4.2.1) and I want to import all the data in the EXACT original Ids, So I can have the same references to users, forums, threads, posts, attachments, avatars etc.
              The actual concept of impex, on the contrary, is to imposrt "old-data" into a new existing and rolling board, A sort of "adding" old data into an actual running database with existing users, forums, threads and posts. This was different form my personal need.
              If you need my job tracking, on how to obtain this result, I'll be glad to share it with you. Thanks.


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                I have the same issue but a different problem. ImpEx is delivering a mysql error # 1064, "you have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySql server version for the right syntax to use near 'TYPE-MyISAM' at line 9." My linux server is hosted by Hostmonster, is using php version 5.3.23 and MySql version 5.5.30 I have also tried the config switch forcesqlmode at both the default false and true settings, with no difference in the result. BTW, this is an attempt at importing a phpBB3 site into vbulletin 4.2.1. In my experience, syntax errors are always bugs in the code. What do I do next?
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                  Start your own thread- that isn't related to this topic, and post the FULL database error message, not just the summary line.


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