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vBulletin 3.8 -> 3.8 ImpEx Merge: all of destination forum's posts are gone?

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  • vBulletin 3.8 -> 3.8 ImpEx Merge: all of destination forum's posts are gone?

    I'm trying to merge two vBulletin 3.8.7 boards (source board is PL2, destination board is PL3) together using the latest version of ImpEx. The merge appeared to have completed without any errors, and I completed all of the clean-up steps as outlined in the manual, rebuilding all of the caches, post, and thread information.

    The source board's forums all appear in the destination forum as expected, with all of their posts intact. However, all of the destination board's posts are missing. The threads are there, but clicking on them takes you to an empty thread with no posts.

    Upon checking the database, I can confirm the posts are completely gone - the "post" table only contains enough rows to hold the posts which were just imported from the source forum.

    Have I done something wrong here? I did notice during the import that that vBulletin 3.8 was not specifically listed in the "Select System" (where you select the board type you'd like to import from), and just went with the 3.7 option. Could that have been part of the problem?

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    The 3.7 option should work just fine for 3.8. If posts have disappeared from the database then something else has gone wrong as the Impex script doesn't delete information from the destination database other than the import IDs when you tell it to afterwards. If you restore a backup of your two databases and try again, does the same thing happen?
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      Impex would only delete the other content, if you had already done an import before and not properly finished the first import.
      Have you used impex in the past?


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        Yes, but I restored the destination forum from a backup between the two attempts.

        I did, however, restore the backup from an Idera CDP backup server, instead of deleting the database and restoring it from an SQL file. Perhaps the CDP backup restored the database but left some of the ImpEx data intact?

        I'll delete and restore the destination forum from an SQL backup and give it another go. Thanks for the responses, guys.

        UPDATE: Yep, that appeared to be the problem. After restoring form an SQL backup, all was well.
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