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Importing a 3.8 vb to a 3.8 vb using impex

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  • Importing a 3.8 vb to a 3.8 vb using impex

    Here is my question.

    Ok, I own 2 forums. They are both the same subject. I owned forum B and then bought forum A. I want to keep forum A running and close down forum B. I want to move all threads, posts, usernames, pms, and so on from forum B to forum A. Now forum A has already several members registered that are also registered on forum B. Will I be able to import the members threads, posts, pms from forum B to forum A but add them to their existing threads, posts, pms on forum A rather then deleting them and bring over just the forum B threads, posts, pms? For example, User Frank on forum B has 2000 posts, he is also registered on forum A with 1400 posts. Will impex be able to import the 2000 posts from forum B to his existing username on forum A to make it 3400 posts? If so, will the same go for pms?

    My other major question is, will I even be able to import all threads, posts, usernames, and pms from forum B to forum A using Impex?

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    Yes. Be sure to read all the documentation and test on a test database first, but yes, you can do most all of that. You'll be merging Imported_Frank into Frank which will bring all of one into the other. Posts, PMs etc. You won't be merging threads, they'll be placed into their own section. Afterward you can move those threads where you like of course. Test first, all it costs is time.

    You'll be fine, I've done it.


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      Thanks! Now should I make the forums layout (forum sections) the same on both forums or it doesn't matter?


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        Don't worry about it.


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          So if I don't make the same forum sections, will they appear when I import the B forum? The forum sections will be added with the threads within them, is that right?


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            They'll apear regardless if you make them or not. The importer IMPORTS data.


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              Well, they'll appear after you rebuild threads & forums. Its all in the docs. Jerry Jerry!


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