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Another PHPBB3 impex to VB4 question

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  • Another PHPBB3 impex to VB4 question

    Hi Team,

    I've done a bunch of searching, and a bunch of re-installs and re-imports all without luck.

    So, here's the deal:

    Migrating from PHPBB3 3.08 to VB4.1.4PL1.

    I am able to import ALL data apart from 13 failed attachments - not worried about those.

    The Avatars DO NOT WORK - and this is to be expected from what I have read - the current ImpEx will not do Avatars for PHPBB3.

    Also, passwords are not imported, again to be expected as ImpEx does not bring these across.

    So, apart from those known issues, which I am fine with, I have these three remaining things that I would like to resolve:

    1. Internal URL links.
    On the old forum I have some posts which link to other threads/posts within the same forum.
    When these posts are imported to VB4, the link stays the same and points at the information from the old forum. I require this to be changed to the new thread/post on the new VB4 forum.
    NOTE: I tested this all on a new localhost using the same domain and URL for the new forum.

    I have found MANY other questions for this exact same issue - but have not found a simple answer on how to resolve this - apart from using the 301/400 redirect???
    I would have thought there was a better solution to this by now??
    2. Attachments.
    Attachments are imported correctly (apart from 13 failed). BUT, the image ones are not displayed, just attached as files.
    How do I make it so these just display in the post as an image?
    3. Cleanup.
    Has anyone got any example cleanup.php entries for:
    • [*=1]removing the phpbb3 attachment codes
      • [*=1][attachment=0:dd4q9z45]filename.jpg[/attachment:dd4q9z45]
    Appreciate any help.



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      There is a 404 script that is either in the impex download or over at that should help with redirects.

      Did you rebuild attachment thumbnails after the post.

      Cleaner.php can be used with regexes, though I'm not sure what you'd need to do to pull off that regex to clean that out.


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        I have exactly the same issues. I read all the pre-sales information available and it said that all these things worked so I feel that I have been conned. I have emailed support and their answer is, use cleaner.php and we dont support it. As phpBB3 is possibly the most popular open source board you would think that some importance would be placed on getting this working.


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          For the attachment tags, can you give me a few more samples of what is showing in the post?