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    Hi all
    I just finished importing phpbb2 forum to vbulletin
    I have a problem of importing tables of a plugin ( that is not supported on impex )
    the problem is that I imported some tables manually
    the userid in the manully imported tables = old userid
    I want to run a query to set olduserid in my table = userid in users table
    where olduserid in my table = importuserid in users table
    I tried many queries but I always get error or get undesired result
    any help ?
    update : it is really simple I tried it many times but I was getting errors
    Here is the correct query!!
    PHP Code:
    update database.desired_table udatabase.user_table o 
    set u
    where u
    PHP Code:
    update database.desired_table udatabase.user_table o 
    set u
    where u
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    You SHOULD NOT even attempt this. You will break the software drasticly trying to do this.


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      Which software ?
      I'm doing queries on a backup of database using phpmyadmin


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        vBulletin, DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE THE IDS USED BY THE SOFTWARE. They're interlinked all over the software, changing one in one place requires changing it everywhere else at the same time.


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          Well ,I know that
          I think you didn't understand the thread well
          I don't want to change vbulletin userid of any member
          I want to change the old - inncorrect-manually imported userid from phpbb2( which is really equal to impex importuserid ) in some table to be the same as the correct vbulletin userid in users table
          thanks for your reply
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            Why did you import some tables manually?!
            Vote for:

            - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
            *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
            - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
            - "Quick Route" Interface...


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              Because there is no script to import them
              for my case as example
              I imported phpbb2 forums , useres , threads posts ... etc.
              but impex doesn't import blogs , photo albums , calender , link system
              I managed to import them and have them working but with worng ( old ) user id's


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