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IPB 3 to vBulletin and cleaner.php

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  • IPB 3 to vBulletin and cleaner.php

    I'm converting from ipb to vb. Actually i have one problem with quotes, i would convert this:
    [quote name='Rondell' date='11 settembre 2010 - 20:35' timestamp='1284233712&' post='85500']
    into this:
    [quote =Rondell]
    This is what i'm using, however it won't work:
    PHP Code:
    $replacer = array(
    "/[quote name='(.*)' date='(.*)' timestamp='(.*)' post='(.*)']"    => "[quote=$1]",
    ""    => "",
    ""    => "",
    ""    => "",
    ""    => ""
    i hope you have understood what i wrote above with my bad english!

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    I'm running into this problem too on an IPB 3 to vBulletin 4 import
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      We are doing a conversion of IPB3 to vB4 and saw this same issue with quotes. Looking at the code inside of impex/systems/ipb3/007.php line 229 there is a handling for the extended quote tags.
              preg_match('#\[[b][/b]quote name=\'(.*)\' date=\'(.*)\' post=\'(.*)\'(.*)\](.*)\[/quote\]#siU', $text, $matches);        
              if ($matches[3])                
                      $new_id = $this->get_vb_post_id($Db_target, $target_database_type, $target_table_prefix, $matches[3]);    
                      $text = str_replace($matches[0], "[[b][/b]QUOTE=" . $matches[1] . ";{$new_id}]" . trim($matches[5]) . "[/QUOTE]", $text);
                      return $text;                
      The problem is that IPB3 stores the single quotes in their htmlentity safe version so this will never find [quote name=' since in the database this is stored as [quote name='..

      I ended up hacking cleaner.php to work with that though. I created a replacement for ' to '. Then I added two lines to the replacement:

      $replacer = array(
                              "&[b][/b]#39;"      => "'",
                              ""      => "",
                              ""      => "",
                              ""      => "",
                              ""      => ""
      # Posts
              $posts = $Db_target->query("SELECT postid, pagetext, title FROM " . $targettableprefix . "post");
              while ($post = $Db_target->fetch_array($posts))
                      $text = str_replace(array_keys($replacer), $replacer, $post['pagetext']);
                      $title_text = str_replace(array_keys($replacer), $replacer, $post['title']);
                      // Custom Hack to parse quotes
          preg_match('#\[quote name=\'(.*)\' date=\'(.*)\' post=\'(.*)\'(.*)\](.*)\[/quote\]#siU', $text, $matches);
          $text = str_replace($matches[0], "[[b][/b]QUOTE=" . $matches[1] . "]" . trim($matches[5]) . "[/QUOTE]", $text);
      I didn't care to relate the posts back to the new post id.
      IMO this would be a bug in how vB Impex handles the html entities.


      • Loco.M
        Loco.M commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you very much, I ran into this problem again.. It's a bit sad it's been 4 years since this was posted yet impex still has this issue...
        Last edited by Loco.M; Fri 17 Oct '14, 1:27pm.
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