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    I'm trying to import news into vB 4 CMS from a hand-made db, I have the news, headlines and stuff, and I created some test news to see how vb write them down into database, so far I see it creates an entry in cms_article, cms_node and cms_nodeinfo, I use same properties (author, public, date, etc...) for the imported ones, in a short test everything run well and news appared in the web and the CMS control panel, but when I tried to make the full import with several entries, I realized the news beyond the 70th went invisible, they were in the DB, but they didn't appear on CMS control panel nor website. After some research, I've found out that the news were creating inside section with the previous new's name, example:

    new test 1
    new test 2
    new test 3

    home > new test 1
    home > new test 1 > new test 2
    home > new test 1 > new test 2 > new test 3

    and so on...

    so when CMS gets to 70 nested sections it probably crashes or reach its limits and doesn't show the rest. So I'm doing something wrong that's clear, or not doing anything at least.

    Can you help me here? Do I have to create another entry in another table or something?

    Thank you so much for your time

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    I'm not sure I understand what you are doing. If you have creating a script to import from one database to the CMS database, then the best place to ask for help with that is over on, the modification site. Of course, your best help will be 'reading' the code written to import to the CMS from other systems and seeing exactly what tables need to be written to and with what value.

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      Ok thank you Lynne, that's what I'm trying to do, will ask overthere!


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