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  • Impex - where to start

    I'm looking at running impex to move over a MyBB forum to a 3.8.4 forum, but not sure how I go about starting the process, can anyone explain in syllables of one or less, how I go about starting it!

    Do I need to upload the vB 3.8.4 files into a folder on my server, then upload the impex files and run it from there?? Do I put 3.8.4 in the same folder as my MyBB forum files??

    Excuse my stoopidity, I just can't see how I get started!

    Any help most gratefully received
    Be Gentle - cos I really am this stoopid!

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    1 - You install your vBulletin forum if it's not already done (different folder from myBB forum)
    2 - You take the latest impex files (1.96 today is the latest) that you will find in your customer section on
    3 - you unzip those files and upload them to your new vBulletin forum. (the upload folder)
    4 - don't forget to edit the impex config file so that impex knows where to find the source datas
    4 - you go to your admncp and click on import (top of left menu) then you follow the different steps.

    But if you're not comfortable with vbulletin, I suggest you play a little bit with it.
    You can first try on a test forum.

    1 - create a testvb folder on your server, put a .htaccess/.htpasswd file to restrict access to only you, install the script, test the impex a few times before doing it for real.
    2 - When you are sure that all the import process goes well, you do the same in your real vBulletin folder. Then forget about impex till next time you want to import things.

    Read this: Importing How to


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      That's perfect, thanx man

      I'm not sure how to create an .htaccess/htpasswd file but the rest of it is awesome, thanx!
      Be Gentle - cos I really am this stoopid!


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        What do the instructions on mean? The impex files that I downloaded have an file which contains code that confesses up the top that it is only for vbulletin3. I thought it was for vbulletin 4. Did I do something wrong, because all the instructions at are all in the wrong order and seem to expect that I already know how to code. Aside from that, there are several ambiguities because it has been written with grammatical errors. Did I download the wrong thing or am I looking at the wrong instructions? Or... (gulp) this the kind of service I can expect from now on (wince) ?


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          Don't worry, even though vBulletin 3 is mentioned, it is for vBulletin 4 as well.


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            Thanks. That needs to be rectified immediately by the developers.

            And the instructions at don't make sense:

            Here are the instructions (that I don't understand anyway):

            Target Database Information (Into which database do we import?)

            If you have ImpEx installed correctly and are running it via the admincp, you can ignore the target settings go to the source. This is because ImpEx will read you vBulletin config file. $impexconfig['target']['databasetype']Enter the type of database here, currently this can only be mysql$impexconfig['target']['server']This sets the address of your database server. On most installations the database server is located on the same computer as the web server, in which case the address should be set to 'localhost', otherwise use the address of the database server as supplied by your web host.$impexconfig['target']['user']This variable contains the username provided to you by your host for connecting to your database server.$impexconfig['target']['password']The password that accompanies the database username should be entered here.$impexconfig['target']['database']This value should be altered to state the name of the database that will contain your vBulletin installation on the database server.$impexconfig['target']['tableprefix']If your vBulletin installation uses a prefix on the tables, set it here.

            And here is the corresponding code:

            # The following settings allow ImpEx to connect to the vBulletin 3
            # database into which you will be importing data.
            # TARGET - The target is the vBulletin database (where the data is going to)
            $impexconfig['target']['server'] = 'localhost';
            $impexconfig['target']['user'] = 'username';
            $impexconfig['target']['password'] = 'password';
            $impexconfig['target']['database'] = 'vbulletin_forum';
            $impexconfig['target']['tableprefix'] = '';
            # If the system that is being imported from uses a database,
            # enter the details for it here and set 'sourceexists' to true.
            # If the source data is NOT stored in a database, set 'sourceexists' to false
            $impexconfig['sourceexists'] = true;

            Here's step 1 of the instructions again:

            $impexconfig['target']['databasetype']Enter the type of database here, currently this can only be mysql

            And here's the first part of the code:

            $impexconfig['target']['server'] = 'localhost';

            It just gets worse from there.

            Are these truly the correct instructions? I don't know if I can deal with this sh*t.

            PS The color picker in this reply box is faulty, the cut and paste function isn't working properly, the allignment is broken in places, the delete function doesn't work sometimes and discovering how to make this box a usable size rather than it rescaling automatically will be beyond my users' patience levels (but I'm glad it can be done). My users are all facebook users and expect software that works intuitively. And which isn't faulty. Hugely disappointed with this software and the extremely frustrating instructions so far. It cost me heaps of money.

            Edit: Oh, and by the way the text is laid out incorrectly after I submit my post.
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              I found out why the instructions are ridiculously awful. They are out of order. I skipped ahead and made sense of it. I promise it wasn't effortless though.

              If you who reads this know the guy who writes these instructions, tell him to do some time trials with beginners.

              You've done well, vBulletin, but with great power comes great responsibility. Keep rewriting until there are no more difficulties for us please.


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                Here's an example of the ambiguity from these instructions: Is the Impex folder supposed to be placed inside the admincp folder or is it's contents supposed to be placed there? I've just come across the problem that help.php and index.php coexist in boring-to-explain circumstances. Anyway, after hours, I'm going to undo all the changes I've made via FTP which will take me ages and a great deal of cross checking and potential disaster.

                The writers should be ashamed of themselves.


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                  Oh man, it was something really abstract. Once again, these instructions really suck.


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