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Problem with duplicate username | phpbb3 - VB 4.0

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  • Problem with duplicate username | phpbb3 - VB 4.0

    Clean import,

    Impex version : 1.94
    Source - phpBB3 - 3.0.4
    Target - vBulletin suite 4.0 Gold
    Module - 004 - Import Users

    Duplicate username with their own username and with prefix "imported_"
    Total members from current board(phpbb3) are 36588, my total members in VB after import become 134026

    i'm searching aroud how to fix this problem ..
    send out the problem to vb support but until now still have no solution...
    Really frustrated

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    Same issue, there's a bunch of imported_ users and also some duplicates of the other users. Fresh install

    Looks like it's been a problem for awhile but unaddressed


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      i have tried to install vb 3.8.4 and do the import but still got the same problem .


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        Very frustrating, and doesn't seem like there's any quick and easy way to merge or delete the extra users. I went from 4900 to 10600 users. Tried 3 times so far



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          where are JERRY now ???


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            Did some digging and found weird things going on, do you have similarities? Pasted from the info I included in my ticket...

            I will add that I checked the database tables for one user who has 4 duplicates of his username but no imported_username and another who has his proper username plus 2 imported_username duplicates and all data through their duplicate usernames is the same except for the userid. Even the importuserid's are the same
            And looking through the pattern of who transferred properly and who was duplicated, it appears users registered since sometime on Dec 17, 2009 to now are fine and users registered from my board start date of January 2008 up to July 14th 2008 are fine.

            All users between July 16th, 2008 to sometime on Dec 17, 2009 have either a duplicate with the same exact username or a duplicate with an imported_username or multiples of either.


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              try check this bug report =
              also still have no anwsers about this issue,


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                I can confirm this. I have around 20K extra users after the import to 3.8.4

                I'm afraid to say the only way around it is to manually remove them from the database through phpmyAdmin


                Search the "users" table for imported_

                "Click Browse"

                Click the checkbox beside all of the duplicates.

                Drop those rows by clicking the red "X"
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                  If anyone knows an SQL statment that will drop any dupicates and leave only 1 remaining imported_ user Please let me know
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                    That should work for the imported_ users, but unfortunately for the other duplicates I think I would have to check which userid their posts are under and delete the unused ones, which would take forever!

                    Why do you want to leave a remaining imported_?


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                      My duplicates are only users with imported_ in front of their names. Say my database has 5 imported_user1's


                      I need to keep one imported_user1 to merge into user1

                      Tiss a real pain....
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                        no problem to remove user with imported_ in front of their names ,that easy trought phpmyadmin
                        but there are also user duplicated with the same of their username,

                        after remover the users from phpmyadmin with imported_ prefix,
                        there are around 70,000 users in my database
                        i got only 36,000+ real users

                        one more thing,
                        if we merge user from vb admin cp,
                        their total post become double too,

                        example :

                        john - 1500 posts
                        imported_john - 1500 posts
                        merge .............
                        john 3000 posts

                        we can;t merge with the same username


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                          Well, I think my way around it is going to be to update all post counts so the duplicate users will get set to 0, and then prune all 0 posters, it's rough, and those with 0 posts will have to sign up again, but I'm out of options.

                          Support told me to make a bug report, but those haven't gotten others anywhere.


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                            bug report already made by simon on 7th Dec '09 12:57pm ( )
                            now for a month from the report.still got no solution!!!

                            are they sleeping?


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                              I transfer from phpbb3 to vb4 suite

                              and all my 130000 members imported fine

                              just i see 60
                              duplicate user name so i deleted one by one


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