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vB4 Import Problem & Question

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  • Birute
    This is my concern also. Since my test database is vBulletin Suite Gold and my user ID # is in the first position in this database whereas my user ID# is different in the live vBulletin 3.8.4. That if I restored from a backup of the live database into the Gold there would be an issue with all of my posts. Also, it is my understanding that the Suite Gold is completely different than 3.8.4 so restoring wouldn't work.
    Just my best guess.

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  • King Kovifor
    started a topic vB4 Import Problem & Question

    vB4 Import Problem & Question

    So, I did my first import. It went marvelously. All except 1 detail. I imported from vB3 -> vB4 to reset things such as IDs, threads, and forums, mainly because their was a big spam problem. Now, when I isntalled vBulletin 4, I used the exact same username, email, etc. It did not associate my posts with me, rather it decided to associate it with a guest. Any easy way to associate my posts?

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