I've started fresh, importing from a phpbb 2 forum with Impex. Each step has gone smoothly on the import modules, until the Attachments.

It runs through about 60+ attachments, and then gets to a .wmv file @ 800 kb in size, and then I see this error:

66.67% Attachment -> poison_spider_2.jpg
66.67% Attachment -> poison_spider_1.jpg
66.67% Attachment -> bumper.wmv

There seems to have been a problem with the database.

ImpEx Database errormysql error: Invalid SQL:
UPDATE attachment
filedata = '0&²uŽfϦÙ......
(non legible text)
......filesize = 1929851
WHERE attachmentid = 174

mysql error: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes

mysql error number: 1153

Date: Friday 18th 2009f December 2009 04:44:00 PM
Database: bogley_vbdevforum
MySQL error:


I've been able to import these attachments previously. I decided to start over because of an unrelated issue.

This happened the first time, I assumed it was because certain attachments were too big, so I removed them from the source files. The imports then proceeded perfectly. This recent .wmv attachment was able to import previously.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.