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FusionBB2 importer buggy?

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  • FusionBB2 importer buggy?

    I have been battling with a FusionBB 2.2 import for the past few days. It appears this particular import script may have a bug or two.

    The main issue right now seems to be, units per page settings appear to not work on: User import

    It appears as if the script just sits there attempting to pull all the data in immediately for the user import step of the process. The script cycles through correctly on forums and threads, pulling the precise number of forums or threads per page that you specify.

    I have tried upping the my.cnf settings and that does help us get ~15,000 of the 18,500 users into the vBulletin database. But I can never get it to beyond 16,000 users. Is there any reason why user import doesn't cycle through 2,000 users (or whatever units per page) we specify? It just sits there attempting to suck in all the users as soon as you hit submit. (no what number you specify be it: 1, 50, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 18,000)

    I'm not the only person to have run into this issue. Another member posted about the exact same problem here:

    Any ideas?

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    To expand on this further:

    The per page setting works fine on forums, threads and posts.

    I just set 10 forums per page on the forum import section of impex. It cycled through 10 forums, moved to page 2, 10 more forums, onto page 3, 10 more forums and onto page 4.

    The same thing on threads with a setting of 1,000. It pulled in 1,000, moved to page 2, 1,000 more, page 3 etc.

    The same on the posts table. 2,000 posts per page: import 2,000 we move to page 2, import 2,000 more onto page 3, another 2,000 we get to page 4, and the process just keeps on running.

    Why doesn't this work on the user importer? Based on the fact we get the same options to assign a users per page value, it's supposed to do precisely the same.

    I am using version 1.93 of Impex. Based on the changelogs though, I don't think you have updated the FusionBB importer in a long while?