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Importing flat MIME emails without users

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  • Importing flat MIME emails without users

    I have an archive of mail messages in raw MIME format (aka maildir, I think) from a mailing list system (Mercury/32). I want to import the messages into VB so that when someone visits the forum for the first time and does a search, they see "something" out there. I do NOT want to import all the list subscribers (there are too many "old" junk accounts), but rather import the messages so they're available for searching.

    Ideally I'd like to parse the messages and pull out the "related to" header to link threads together. However, importing all the messages into a single flat subforum is fine, too.

    What Impex import module is most appropriate for importing this format?

    I can easily import the mail into MS Access via Outlook and from Access into MySQL as needed. The fields in the database after I import the messages to MS Access are as follows:
    • ID : integer, unique but just a linear serial number.
    • Importance, Icon, Priority : won't use these.
    • Subject: The original subject line of the message.
    • From: The name--but not EMAIL address--of the person who sent the message to the list.
    • Message To Me, Message CC to Me: moot
    • Sender Name: Always the mailing list server address, kinda pointless now.
    • CC, To: Need to filter based on these, to remove some duplication.
    • Received: The date of the original message, very useful.
    • Message Size: Probably moot
    • Contents: The actual body of the message.
    • Created, Modified, Subject Prefix, Has Attachments: don't need.
    • Normalized Subject, Object Type, Content Unread: probably don't need
    I think I'm really close to a solution, but don't want to re-invent the wheel if someone else has already done this. Does anyone have a custom module or some experience with importing messages without actually linking them to a user--or perhaps linking them all to a single user like [email protected]?
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