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VB to new VB on differnt server?

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  • VB to new VB on differnt server?

    Both are version 3.8.3. I am a noobie to this, but I am using Impex to move my Vbulletin from one server to another. I am editing Impex Config.php and my question is this : what should I put for the source server name? The value in the unedited file is 'localhost'. Since my source server is different than my target server, what value do I put here? IP? Server "name"? URL to website?

    Thanks in advance from a novice


    Also, is there a preferred way to apply mods on old VB to new VB, I presume Impex doesn't do this.

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    Don't use impex to move your site, this is designed only for importing other boards or very old versions.

    Backup your database, backup your files and move them via ssh to the new server and restore them.

    If you need help with this look at the manual for vb here on the main site, it has step by step instructions. | | | |


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      I wrote ImpEx.

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        Will this method preserve modifications? For example, image resizer, ultimate side columns, etc... I've never done this, so I don't know what to expect.



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          You should always use the linked method to move servers.


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            OK, I am suffering here due to my inexperience. I've spent over 5 hours trying this and I am just not getting it done. Anybody want to propose a fee, and I'll consider it. The source board is very small and the new board is a fresh install. I just can't seem to get it right.


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              Where are you getting stuck?


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                I have two boards, one old one with about 2500 posts total. I installed a few mods over the last two years, but have kept updating VB with the latest versions (currently 3.8.3). The second board is a brand new install, no mods installed and will be my primary board once this move is completed. Both boards are functioning properly (except new board after my latest round of attempts). I want to leave the older board for my "test" board for future mods.
                My process so far was this - old board - updated to 3.8.3 recently, new board - fresh install of 3.8.3 this week. It was suggested to me to use Impex to transfer users & posts to the new board. I never attempted that because I was getting stuck (which is why this thread started). I then attempted to follow the steps in the portion of the manual Jerry suggested above. My inexperience limits me. I don't know what telnet/SSH is and obviously couldn't follow the instructions. So I attempted to manually backup the source db (with phpmyadmin, saved it to my computer and imported to the new board via phpmyadmin from my control panel. I did not get errors during the import, however, the board does not work. In my limited experience, it appears that the mods on the source board are at least part of the problem because I see errors with the mod names, however, I am not sure that my import/export process was the right method to use. I am still trying, but I need to reinstall my target board first.



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                  You shouldn't have installed a new board.

                  what you need to do is backup the old forum, restore it to the new webhost, and then point the config.php file to the new database.

                  You do not ever need to "install" vBulletin to need to restore a database.


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                    OK, I hope I am not oversimplifying this, but, can I simply copy the forum folder from the source server to the target, back up the source db, merge the backed-up db with my new db on the target server and then edit config.php? It can't be that simple is it?


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                      No you can't. Impex is not supported for that function or purpose.

                      Instructions for moving servers are in the online manual here:


                      Note: The only reliable method of backing up and restoring a database is with shell access via telnet or ssh. This is because backing up with a PHP script like that in the Admin CP or phpMyAdmin can result in PHP timeouts errors and an incomplete backup file. Please see the instructions here:



                      P.S. If you do not have telnet or SSH access, some people have reported success with these scripts:



                      Bigdump (restore only):
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