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Very confused - please, please, please help

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  • Very confused - please, please, please help

    I've spent a lot of time today hoping to master the Impex system and ultimately import my two small phpbb3 forums. So far, all I have done is waste hours and hours of my time.

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    Update: Well, I'm more or less finished and it more or less worked. Actually, I'm blown away by how excellent the script is. Major magic! The documentation could, however, be lots, lots better. Then I would've needed to spend only an hour on this, instead of five.
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    What is missing from the documentation?
    Translations provided by Google.

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      Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
      What is missing from the documentation?
      in my opinion, some error codes and possible solutions (unless they are there and i missed them), have been trying to import the "old" MyBB database for the last 4 hours :} keep getting the same error.
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        I haven't responded because I already spent so much time importing, and because I just haven't felt able to go back to an experience that really wasn't very pleasant.

        It wasn't so much that anything was particularly missing. It was more that the instructions needed a couple more edits. The steps could certainly be a good deal clearer. In particular, there are a number of ambiguities, such that I was never sure whether I was doing the correct thing or not. If IIRC, there are also a couple of sentences that just make no sense at all - such that I was constantly afraid that I had omitted a crucial step.
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          Originally posted by Baba Wawa View Post

          Have you started a thread to ask for help? Strongly recommend that you do so. No reason why you should have to keep spinning your wheels when someone could probably help you in a very few minutes.
          i did.. couple of hours ago, no replies sofar.... (

          (smart people are sleeping maybe :}

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            Yes, it's the very beginning of the holiday weekend, at least in the US.

            I suspect that a few of the more knowledgeable folk will be around in the morning, though.


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              indeed... should have started this process earlier in the day, but the pesky day job got in the way. hoping to see some helpful replies tomorrow... (well, today but you know what i mean)
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                I'm thinking I should set up a wiki vBulletin intergration and populate it with all I know and the existing manual to get it going, then let people add to it with their import experiences and ideas.
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