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After Conversion my postings say "GUEST"

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  • After Conversion my postings say "GUEST"

    So far I solved most of the issues from my SMF to vB Conversion, but something odd happend. Though I am the Main Admin (otherwise I couldn´t do what I can do) all the postings of me in the Forum that are imported from the other say that I am "GUEST" and don´t even show my new set Avatar & Signature. Why am I a "GUEST" according to the threads ?

    Any help on that please ?
    Thanks in advance.


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      How did you solve this ?


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        I found a topic here in this Forum or in, i think it was where someone had a similiar problem and there was a reply with a MySQL query with what all posts with a specific Username got attached to a specific UserID. So that in the end it was like all those were actually again my postings, like before, but not as guest.

        I would have to search for that thread again, don´t know atm.


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          You would run this query:

          UPDATE post SET userid='xxx' WHERE username='Old Name';

          ...with 'xxx' being the userid number of the new account and 'Old Name' being the username on those posts.

          Then rebuild the thread and forum counters in that order:

          Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Update Counters
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