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    I recently purchased vBulletin with the intent on migrating my existing phpBB forum to it. However, as time progressed and I began setting up vBulletin, I decided against that, and to just start off fresh. You know, fresh board, fresh site.

    Recently, i've been thinking more and more about having a specific forum "Archive" that I want to use Impex for.

    The purpose is to get ONLY the threads/posts from the old site.

    I have tried to search and read as much as possible on the matter but i'm still somewhat reluctant.

    Couple of questions:

    I am aware that impex has a number of importing modules. If I were to choose to import just the threads and posts, where would they go? What would happen to the forums that they were created under?

    Say some of the forum names are identical but the category names aren't, If I decided to import the forum, thread, and post would renaming JUST the category prevent any of the old threads from showing up in the new forums, or should I rename both the category and the forum name?

    Which would you recommend doing? renaming categories and forums on the old site or on my new vBulletin site?

    Lastly, my forum has 269540 posts with around 4389 threads. Based on the average webhost, do I need to contact them to temporarily change something in php.ini to allow this to run successfully or should I attempt to import without their help? I'm using Bluehost if that counts for anything.

    Thank you to the vBulletin staff and community in advance for their help.

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    1. You have to import the forums first. Then the threads and posts will go to the appropriate forums.

    2. Not sure I follow this but Impex does not rename anything. There really is no need to do anything until after you have imported the data. Then you can change what you want.

    3. No need to contact your host. To temporarily increase your limits edit your includes/config.php file and add these lines right under the <?php line:

    ini_set('memory_limit', -1);
    ini_set("max_execution_time", "2880");
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      As Steve said, there are dependencies between the modules.

      I would run a test import then you can see the results and see what needs to be done (deletion of imported users and re-ordering forums).
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        Originally posted by chrisfi View Post
        You know, fresh board, fresh site.
        That might not be the best idea, would you post on an empty board?


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