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Importing from WebBBS 5.33

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  • Importing from WebBBS 5.33

    WebBBS changed default directory structure after 5.12. Now the bbsx directories are at /home/[user]/bbs/main/bbsx

    After clicking "Check and update database", I've been entering /home/[user]/public_html/webbbs which *should* point to the correct location of the data files. Unfortunately ImPex just stalls and aborts to an "erase and start over" page.

    I can move my files into 5.12 style directories if that would help - I would just need to be reminded which files go where. Or should I be able to run an export from 5.33 right out of the box?

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    A with any version change where the default ImpEx dosen't work I'll need to see the source in action.

    Can you start a support ticket and ask for me (link to this thread) and I'll check it out.
    I wrote ImpEx.

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      Just for future reference, any version of this past 5.12 is not an official version of WebBBS. When Daryl quit developing WebBBS, other developers took the lead and branched off development.

      In short, if you are trying to use the current WebBBS importer in ImpEx, it will not work if you have a genuine, original version of WebBBS up through 5.12. If you visit the original site at you will see where 5.12 is the final version as written almost a decade ago. The current version of ImpEx tries to look for this different directory structure, plus it tries to convert categories and forums over to vB; the original WebBBS did not use categories or forums.


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