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Set Up Board and THEN impex?

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  • Set Up Board and THEN impex?

    Hey everyone. I am working on converting my existing forum into vBulletin. I have run a test impex and everything works fine. I have a question for when I make the actual switch over though. Would it be ok to continue working on my test board changing the settings etc. Then delete all the posts/users/topics/threads - basically everything imported so I have a forum set up, but with no posts. Then copy this database to a live version of vB, and then import my old database again. Will that work?

    I'm asking because obviously as I'm setting up my vB board the old board is still being posted to and so I need a way to consolidate the two easily when I come to making the final switch over...

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    The database is what vBulletin is, the files are used to modify, and show data. When you move a database you're moving the actual site.

    You should do your tests and work on your style and plugins and whatnot. When you're done backup your settings, styles, and plugins, install a new copy of vB and run the import. Then import the settings styles and plugins to your new copy of vB.


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      Ah ok. Now, when you say backup settings, styles and plugins - do you mean I can literally back them up using vB, or do you mean I have to manually copy the database, or remember the settings etc?

      Sorry for the n00bishness here - but I appreciate your help!


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        You can back them up via the admincp and restore them as such.


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          Ah that's excellent! I assume that's the maintenance>Database Backup?

          Do I just pick those areas that I have made changes to and leave out things like posts and users?

          And for importing that, where do I do that? The impex tab?


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            AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Backup / Restore Settings
            AdminCP > Styles & Templates > Download / Upload Styles
            AdminCP > Products & Plugins > Download / Upload Plugins


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              Just one final question, when I backup the plugins in this way, does that include any database info associated with them? For example if I install one that creates custom pages and I create the pages and then back up the plugin, will it automatically add those pages when I restore it on the new forum?


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