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Bugs (IPB 2.1.7 to vB 3.7.1)

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  • Bugs (IPB 2.1.7 to vB 3.7.1)


    So I bought vB 3.7.1, my board is currently IPB 2.1.7, 40,000 members, 700,000 posts. After 24 hours of trying, I turned my IPB back online until I figure this out....

    Almost Everything imported okay, but when complete I had 3 major bugs:

    - a lot of topics have 3 dupes in the thread plus 3 dupes of the first post in the same thread. So topic was "Hi" and the 2 posts below it were "Hi", and the reply was "Hello" and 2 posts below that were "Hello".

    - The forums most active topic (10k+ topics himself) starter's posts/topics did not import peoperly. He always has a picture or 2 in his threads, some text etc. and all his posts were blank except for the last line of text in each thread... He would always post "Enjoy!" as his closing line of threads, and this is all that got imported (10k+ times of just "Enjoy!" Why him??

    - When importing POSTS, the importing would continue way past 70k and keep going to 2.8 millions posts, before it would stop and Firefox would ask me to download or save "index.php" instead of redirect me back to the import index, like it did after importing members, threads etc...

    PLEASE help.
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    Sounds very odd as to why it would go to 2.8 mill, that typically means something else underlying is going on.

    I'm currently updating the importer to 2.2.x, so that should help and will be done by tomorrow.
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      okay, I look forward to the updated version