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Huge increasing DB after IMPEX

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  • Huge increasing DB after IMPEX

    At the end I bought a license, to test the vB potentiality.
    Actually my forum is a SimpleMachine 1.1.5 software, and I've tested the vB first on my local machine, with smf_ db (84 Mb), and just because I'm too fast, things didn't go so well (my fault).
    Then, on a test server, and surprised from a strange behaviour of the increased weight of the DB, wich stopped to import posts, when burned the allowed size (from about 88/90MB >>to 219MB). I didn't import avatars, nor attachments (due it was some step that follows the previous ones). The issue came from the vB_posts (VB_ is the prefix for vBulletin), the table that arrived to 144 Mb. How can I avoid it? Is there any other solution? Is it normal that an original DB weight (84Mb), the smf DB, increases so suddenly and scary the weight of the DB? If so, I really can't run a vB without some performance issue, or maybe something went wrong(?).
    Thank you for the answers, btw the Impex (or Eximp ) was running superbe!!

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    Eximp .... hmm I like that!

    That is an increase, though not completely dramatic. Is it just the one import or two in there ?

    Performance will be fine, the database and indexes take care of that.
    I wrote ImpEx.

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      Hope so...I'm just testing really now.
      To be honest I don't understand how to do, if the only vB_post table is 144 Mb: the allowed size of the DB's of my host is 200 Mb maybe I have to move elsewhere the Exp db (smf_) to Imp into the vB_tables correct?
      Or is there another way to 'skin the cat'?