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Uncountable faults with importing from YABB Gold 1.3.1

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  • Uncountable faults with importing from YABB Gold 1.3.1

    I found several faults and am not vey happy with them. I haven't searched through the whole forum, so here are just a few examples....

    Everywhere in YABB where in a message a double quote is (") is after the import : " .

    A guy with 7 pages in his outbox : all dates of the out-messages are set to a date in 1969

    On some personal profiles the birthdate is not the same as given in Yabb !
    One guy has it in October and after the import it's march 31.

    In Yabb you could also use some kind of limited css, imported in VB this all turns out to be wrong. For instance [hr] is such a CSS code that is now showing as plain text in VB.

    In Yabb you can post Word documents..... of course these also go terribly wrong in VB.

    A lot of people are missing messages !
    One user replied to a message in YABB 1212 times, in VB it's only 274

    Usernames in profiles look for some very strange.... example for user "xxxx" in Yabb who is now called in his profile "&_____xxxx_", while he still can login with the name "xxxx"

    One forum gave all threads double. One with the messages in them and one with only a header.

    The list will go on, but for now I want to say this :

    I sure wouldn't write in a manual that everything is imported from YABB to VB !! Nowhere anything about all these mistakes.
    And while I'm on the manual : the manual for IMPEX is irritating me a lot.
    You use IMPEX, import everything and then you start reading "After the import". One of the first things mentioned is to remove IMPEX from your system. A few pages further, when you dive into some problems, you refer again to using IMPEX for that (for instance cleaner.php). But that was on your advice already removed. Updating software is fime, but a good look at the manaul might be necessary too, because it can use an update too.

    I may sound a bit harsh, but I feel disppointed about this all. Your manual and documentation suggests that importing from YABB should be a piece of cake, while in practice it's now one week full of stress and .... not over yet ! For the price we have to pay for your product, I expect to be better informed about issues like this BEFORE buying it. The main reason I'm writing this , is that I came from PHPBB to Vbulletin because of the importer and the better security. It did do a good job on the forum I had in PHPBB, but on YABB till now it sucks.
    Yesterday I put a new PHPBB board on my server and let that one inport Yabb. It did a better job ! Not 100% without faults, but less then wiith VB.

    kind regards,


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    YaBB will always be a troublesome import thanks to the nature of the source data and the variations in the content of the different boards and systems.

    No import is without cleanup, even vBulletin -> vBulletin.

    Though you comments about the manual are noted, and it will be reviewed.
    I wrote ImpEx.

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