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  • Replace Text/Impex Issue

    Jake Bunce sent me this way.

    I'll recapitulate and make a couple corrections because vBulletin is actually changing what I type:


    This may be basic, but I'm a n00b.

    I recently installed vBulletin 3.7. Shiny. I then IMPEX'd a phpBB 3.0 forum.

    However, after IMPEXing, vBulletin nastily added text in some places. Particularly to links. So, all the links people posted are now in the form of ...


    I'd like to run an SQL query to find and replace ...


    with just ...


    (At least for this example. I've also got other text mishaps.)

    I have found a bit of SQL code in another thread ...

    UPDATE post
    SET pagetext = REPLACE(pagetext,'OLD TEXT','NEW TEXT')

    But this would only replace specific fulltext, not a random snippet where the only constants are ";" at the beginning and "]" at the end, like I'm wanting.

    I'm sure there are a few variables that I could use to change 'OLD TEXT' and 'NEW TEXT', but I'm a n00b and my Google-Fu is lacking for this.

    Thanks in advance!


    I looked at this further with phpMyAdmin.

    Actual example of what's being added in the SQL code is my screenshot. I can't write it because vBulletin and phpBB changes it if I actually type it in a post.

    If you type "&# 58;" without the space in vBulletin or phpBB (like in a post), you get ":". G'head and try it and hit preview. Magic!

    See the "&# 58;" (space added)? The eight characters after this (14vj0iuv, in this example) and before the left bracket (]) are random. The "&# 58;" (space added) characters are only visable in the SQL -- but are consistent on all links.

    It's also not happening for all links. I dunno why. However, I do think that if I can find a way to do a global search and replace in SQL for those "&# 58;random]" (space added) with "]" I'd be fine.
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    I have just updated the phpBB3 parsed to deal with the new url tags.
    I wrote ImpEx.

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      I just created a new database, downloaded a new copy of vBulletin 3.7 and installed, downloaded a new copy of IMPEX (1.8.9) and installed and ran the whole shebang.

      Same problem.

      By "phpbb 3 parsed" you mean the files in impex\systems\phpbb3, yes?


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        Ah I see it now, it's semi colons between the uid and the url, as well as colons.

        Updating it now.
        I wrote ImpEx.

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          Very shiny. That seems to have worked.

          Thank you very much.


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