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When importing nothing seems to be happening?

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  • When importing nothing seems to be happening?

    Ok, I am trying to import from phpbb2 and when I push run module it doesn't seem to be working in the-

    Import user
    Import banlist
    Import forum
    Import thread

    Any idea why this is happening?! I have read the install guide and the online manual...I can't seem to find anything. The config file has been filled out correctly...another note- it seems to upload the smilies just fine as well as the run and check database...but everything else it just doesn't seem to do anything?!

    Thanks so much for any help!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    When you say it isn't working what exactly do you mean?

    Are you getting errors? If so, please state what errors you are receiving.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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      no errors...that is why I am confused? when i push the button start shows like its doing something, then says complete and then it doesn't seem to do anything once it has finished? it shows 0 Successful 0 Failed...on most after. and then on some it will only say 1 Successful...under import user or import thread. it shows on one of them 44.44%?


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        The percentage display doesn't matter what it displays so don't worry about that.

        Do your users have email addresses in their profiles on your phpbb board? Email addresses are required for users to be imported. Everything else depends on the users being imported.
        Kerry-Anne :)

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          oh ok, that is good to know. thank you. and yes they do have email addresses.


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            ImpEx only ever reads from a source board it will never alter source data. Though running an import against source data that is being updated can have some strange outcomes for the import as well as the source board, also it will cause a lot of load on the source board.

            I see one of my problems was that I was trying to import from my live board. my mistake! big mistake! sorry.

            but here it says to-

            (in the setting up section)
            Copy your source data to the same machine that your development vBulletin install, be that a database (i.e. phpBB) or the files (i.e. ubb.classic).

            I have my backup of my database in sql. Where do I upload this file too? so that I can import from it?!


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              That would explain why it's not working

              Here are the instructions for restoring a database:
              via phpmyadmin - small databases only
              via SSH/Telenet

              If your hosting allows you to have more than one database I strongly recommend that you create a new database to restore your phpbb data to. You will then need to update the source database details in ImpexConfig.php to the details for the new database containing your phpbb data.
              Kerry-Anne :)

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                ah ok! cool! Thank you! yes, my host will allow me to have more than one database. I will go and create that now and also update my impexconfig file! thanks again for the fast reply and help!


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