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Config Impex: Check my code please?

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  • Config Impex: Check my code please?

    Can someone please let me know if the code I entered is correct, and what I put in the 'source' ?

    Do I need to change anything where it says *table prefix*?

    There is not a source url, it is an sql, so maybe I am not understanding.

    Thanks in advance! I'm taking this in very slow steps so I get it right the first time

    # TARGET - The target is the vBulletin database (where the  data is going to)
    $impexconfig['target']['server']		= 'localhost';
    $impexconfig['target']['user']			= 'MYNAME';
    $impexconfig['target']['password']		= 'MYPASSWORD';
    $impexconfig['target']['database']		= 'vbulletin_forum';
    $impexconfig['target']['tableprefix']	= '';
    # If the system that is being imported from uses a database,
    # enter the details for it here and set 'sourceexists' to true.
    # If the source data is NOT stored in a database, set 'sourceexists' to false
    $impexconfig['sourceexists']			= [COLOR="Red"]true;<~~?[/COLOR]
    # SOURCE - The source is the old forum database (where the  data is coming from)
    # mysql / mssql
    $impexconfig['source']['databasetype']	= 'mysql';  // mysql OR mssql
    $impexconfig['source']['server']		= 'localhost';
    $impexconfig['source']['user']			= 'MYNAME';
    $impexconfig['source']['password']		= 'MYPASSWORD';
    $impexconfig['source']['database']		= [COLOR="Red"]'source'; <~~???[/COLOR]
    $impexconfig['source']['tableprefix']   = '';

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    We have no way of know what your info should be. What is your question and which BB system are you importing?
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      Thanks, I figured it out...a crash course is always good.

      The only thing I can't figure out is whether or not I add anything in the *table prefix* area for both the target and the source. Where would I find this info?

      EDIT ok so I add "phpbb_" as the table prefix for the old forum..that makes sense

      what table prefix do I add for the vb target? "vbulletin_forum_" ?
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        Originally posted by SimvD View Post
        what table prefix do I add for the vb target? "vbulletin_forum_" ?
        The same one that you have in your vBulletin config file.
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