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phpBB 2.0.13 to VB3.6.8 not all posts transfer

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  • phpBB 2.0.13 to VB3.6.8 not all posts transfer

    i have about 300,000 posts in my current...heavily modded phpbb(2.0.13) board. when impex does the convert it only brings in about 36,000 posts. i didn't receive any errors, and it consistently brings in the same amount of posts every time i try to do the conversion.

    also attachments start failing after a few thousand but i'm sure that has to do with the posts they're associated with not being there.

    i've upped the php memory limit in php.ini from 8M to 128M...this sped things up ALOT but still didn't fix the problems i'm having. i've repaired and optimized tables. i've reinstalled impex. i've even tried using the phpbb1.x conversion(since the 2.0.22 is the only other one i see).

    i'm attaching screenshots of my phpbb control panel, my vbulletin control panel, and my impex import screen. if it helps at all i can take screenshots of my phpMyAdmin from each database.

    any help will be GREATLY appreciated. i cannot lose the posts..and i'd prefer to keep the attachments.

    thanks in advance.
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    Unfortunately those are the only post Impex can find. There is either something wrong with the source data, or you have installed an add-on or other modification that is causing Impex not to see those posts.
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      the only thing i can think of is those are my original posts from my original board. i upgraded to a new server and new version of phpbb in 2005.

      still, although the posts were imported, no posts show up. even after updating counters. even after making a post. i can see all of my members, but they're duplicated for some reason. the duplication tool doesn't take out duplicate users either. the good news is the user info is in tact as well as passwords.

      no posts show up, but the forums do and you can see the last posts in the forum description and stickys are there when you go in the forum. but if you click them there is nothing there. also one thing they have in common are they're all 2005 posts.

      any ideas?


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        good news(so far)

        i completely cleared out the new database and did a complete fresh install of vBulletin. i made a copy of the phpBB database hoping phpMyAdmin would maybe update the database or something during the copy process. i'm reimporting and so far i'm up to 130,000 posts imported and counting!!!

        i'll post back up here if i run into any more issues.


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          What does this SQL return :

          select count(*) from phpbb_posts_text;
          select count(*) from phpbb_posts;
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            jerry and steve. i'm sorry i didn't reply already.

            that night i stayed up all night and finished my migration from phpBB. i've been busy setting up the new board ever since!!!

            thank you very much for the help.

            i don't know if it's because i started settting up the board before i did the it could have been going back to the fresh vbulletin or if it was from making a copy of the database before the transfer, but it worked. even the attachments worked....only lost 300 out of 26,000 or so...not bad considering i expected to lose all of them.

            and here's a screenshot of the results.
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              Originally posted by adam75south View Post
              started settting up the board before i did the transfer.
              It's always a good idea to set up your vBulletin install as you want it, then take a backup of the vBulletin databases so you can return to that point after testing and import, and not loose your setup/config etc.
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