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phpbb2 301 redirect question

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  • Jerry
    If I understand correctly, it all depends on the phpBB source and where you would want the redirects sent to.

    If the phpBB is more .ie opposed to .uk then redirect to there or visa versa ?

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  • Ronan
    started a topic phpbb2 301 redirect question

    phpbb2 301 redirect question


    I run and which are essentially the one website but one is for Ireland and the other for the UK. At the moment both sites forum's work off the same database so if you for example entered of they would have exactly the same content. I know this gives duplicate content problems but google seems to realize that they are the same site but for different geographic regions as the .ie site does will on and the site does well on

    I am about to use the phpbb2 to vbulletin import tool but i also want to use the 301 redirect tool so google and my users get redirected to the new domains.

    My question is regarding the .301 redirect mod:

    If i set this up and have both sites working of the one database again will the 301 redirect tool allow me to redirect all the .ie urls to the new .ie urls and the urls to the new urls or would it only allow me to direct to one or the other?

    I hope i have explained it ok and you know what im talking about.


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