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  • moving from SMF to vB

    I have a vB based forum as well as an SMF forum. I want to move my SMF based forum to vB.

    I thought I once read that when you moved from SMF to vB that all passwords were lost and that the users had to request new passwords. Is this true?

    Can anyone tell me what if any other issues might happen during a move from SMF to vB? I assume banners and such will have to be redone.

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    Since SMF passwords are encrypted, they cannot be imported. Your users will need to reset their passwords after the import. You can read more about this here:

    The SMF style will not be imported to vB.
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      What will be imported from Simple Machines Forum
      security community


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        Attachments and avatars from SMF2 to vB3.8 are NOT importing, despite what the ImpEx docs claim...just so everyone is aware.


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          Did you raise a support ticket to get help with your attachments not importing?


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            Not yet--I'm trying to figure out why they aren't importing on my own. The avatars are also stored as attachments. I know it relates to the attachment table in the database, so once I make the connection, I may be able to get it to work.


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              I made up a workaround. ImpEx is trying to generate a hashed filename to duplicate what is in the SMF database, but the hashes don't match. ImpEx is using md5($filename) where SMF uses sha1(md5($filename) . time(). mtime()) (or something similar) to generate it. ImpEx should be pulling the hashed name out of the database.

              My workaround? I made a utility that copied the hashed files to their original names, then modified ImpEx to use the original filename instead. Most of the attachments made the jump, so I'm happy with that.


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                Can you report that in our bug tracker?


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