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Cant associate users

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  • Cant associate users

    Hi all,

    I am trying to import a DB from a IPB 2.0.4 board.

    I think i have the correct settings in he config.php file

    I run the first module and it starts then i get red errors.

    moderator - importmoderatorid OK 
    usergroup - importusergroupid OK 
    ranks - importrankid OK 
    poll - importpollid OK 
    forum - importforumid OK 
    forum - importcategoryid OK 
    user - importuserid OK 
    style - importstyleid OK 
    thread - importthreadid OK 
    post - importthreadid OK 
    thread - importforumid OK 
    smilie - importsmilieid OK 
    pmtext - importpmid OK 
    avatar - importavatarid OK 
    customavatar - importcustomavatarid OK 
    customprofilepic - importcustomprofilepicid OK 
    post - importpostid OK 
    attachment - importattachmentid OK 
    pm - importpmid OK 
    usernote - importusernoteid OK 
    phrase - importphraseid OK 
    subscription - importsubscriptionid OK 
    subscriptionlog - importsubscriptionlogid OK
    Valid found tables :
    Possibly custom tables or incorrect prefix :
    admin_logs NOT found.     
    admin_sessions NOT found.     
    announcements NOT found.     
    attachments NOT found.     
    attachments_type NOT found.     
    badwords NOT found.     
    banfilters NOT found.     
    bulk_mail NOT found.     
    cache_store NOT found.     
    conf_settings NOT found.     
    conf_settings_titles NOT found.     
    contacts NOT found.     
    custom_bbcode NOT found.     
    email_logs NOT found.     
    emoticons NOT found.     
    faq NOT found.     
    forum_perms NOT found.     
    forum_tracker NOT found.     
    forums NOT found.     
    groups NOT found.     
    languages NOT found.     
    mail_error_logs NOT found.     
    mail_queue NOT found.     
    member_extra NOT found.     
    members NOT found.     
    members_converge NOT found.     
    message_text NOT found.     
    message_topics NOT found.     
    moderator_logs NOT found.     
    moderators NOT found.     
    pfields_content NOT found.     
    pfields_data NOT found.     
    polls NOT found.     
    posts NOT found.     
    reg_antispam NOT found.     
    search_results NOT found.     
    sessions NOT found.     
    skin_macro NOT found.     
    skin_sets NOT found.     
    skin_templates NOT found.     
    skin_templates_cache NOT found.     
    spider_logs NOT found.     
    subscription_currency NOT found.     
    subscription_extra NOT found.     
    subscription_logs NOT found.     
    subscription_methods NOT found.     
    subscription_trans NOT found.     
    subscriptions NOT found.     
    task_logs NOT found.     
    task_manager NOT found.     
    titles NOT found.     
    topic_mmod NOT found.     
    topics NOT found.     
    topics_read NOT found.     
    tracker NOT found.     
    upgrade_history NOT found.     
    validating NOT found.     
    voters NOT found.     
    warn_logs NOT found.     
        If you have all red tables, i.e. none correct this could possible be your table prefix :
              Failed Check database permissions and connection, or table prefix to ensure its correct
    Can someone please tell me whats wrong, or what i am doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance.

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    First, make sure the IPB database is on the same server as vB and that you have the correct source settings in ImpExConfig.php.

    Then also check to see if you are using a table prefix for the the IPB tables.
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      ImpEx is telling you that it thinks the source table prefix is : ibf_

      That's what it's saying at the end of the page.
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        what do i need to change it to, and how do i do it?


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          Cant associate users

          When it comes to module 2. It asks to associate users.

          I read somewhere that this does not need to be done, but i cant get anything else to work until i have got the users in.

          On some of the modules it tells me that the one before has to be completed first, no problem with that, but i cant seem to work out how to get the users associated then to be able to import them??

          I click import user and it just shows me a blank page with the impex build number in the corner.

          Dont know what i am doing wrong

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            Ok, fixed, thanks.


            • #7
              Importing usergroups are next.


              • #8
                On a fresh import you don't have to run this, as Zak says go straight to importing usergroups.
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                  So, i just bypass this?

                  Right , i have done this and now i got to import users. I click start module, one time it will just do nothing, the next time it will show 0 of 0 very quickly, then it will just flash back to the blue screen with impex in the top corner.

                  Nothing happens from here.


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                    Did you update the table prefix and get all the tables listed in green ?
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