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    Originally posted by MRGTB View Post
    Well I clicked that link, and had a god dam good laugh!!!

    It looks like a 4 year old was let loose with a box of crayons to try and skin it.
    I laughed too, till I saw a thread title about baby porn.


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      As far as someone trying to "create their own by coding". go for it. However, it would be impossible to recreate vbulletin exactly without stealing code.

      Yes it was written in PHP, and anyone can use PHP, but to recreate every command, hook, config, and everything else that makes vbulletin what it is, it would be IMPOSSIBLE without stealing source code from vB, which is illegal. I am sure I could create something similar, but the current vB is the result of YEARS of Trial & Error and HARD WORK. For someone to just sit down and be like "I'm gonna make a new vB", it cant happen. Something new from scratch cannot compete with software that has been in the making and redesigned for years and years.

      I use PHP everyday of my life. I am a professional web designer. I know that I could not simply "recreate" vbulletin by coding, nor could I MAKE vbulletin out of IPB or PHPBB. vBulletin is by far the best forum software I have ever used, and has THE BEST coding out of any of the other ones I have used/seen. I have tried PHPBB2 and 3, IPB, SMF, and some other one i can't remember. vB has been the best, and most secure by far.

      I saw the site you mentioned as well.... not even close to vB. Maybe the color scheme, but postbit is not even close, layout is no where near vB, and it is no where near as complex as vB. And no amount of "add-ons" can turn IPB into vBulletin. And thinking otherwise proves that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.


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        It looks like they stole vB's captcha background images...

        I think I will report their site to vBulletin's Piracy department. The smilies look ripped as well...
        <Onimua> Congrats Chroder
        <Onimua> You're a daddy.
        <Chroder> eh
        <Onimua> :)
        <Chroder> uh oh


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          All I can say is...try to do a multi-thousand user/thread migration from something like SMF to IPB.

          Then tell me how good it is.

          As it is, your "vBulletin" IPB board looks like it was made by an 8 year old....which is fitting.

          It would really be humorous to see someone actually try to code forums from scratch. The spammers and hackers would love you. They apparently already do....


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            Hmm and this trolling is in my happy import forum why ?

            ImpEx can import Invision free and see it lots if that is the question
            I wrote ImpEx.

            Blog | Me


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              You're kidding, right? Child, continue to delude yourself into thinking that vBulletin is easily recreated. Your pseudo-intellectual stance on the subject is comical, hilarious and shows the true nature of an insipid debutaunte. vBulletin is a Copyright Trademark of Jelsoft Enterprises, Ltd. and in no way, shape or form can you steal any of the source code created by Jelsoft or the source code (HTML) output from all websites currently running vBulletin. As for your futile attempt at recreating the look and appeal of vBulletin using IPB Free, well, let's just not go there otherwise you may incriminate yourself even further.


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                Please don't bump 6+ month old threads.


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