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    I appreciate the effort that Jerry has put into updating the Tier 2 Impex list to include a list of all the modules that each importer supports. However now it is a very long document that must be read through to find out if a certain forum is importable. Perhaps an at-a-glance list at the top of the file of all the tier 2 importers? Also curious why "Tier 2" got renamed to "List of all systems modules".

    Tier 2 Importers
    ASP-DEV 2.0 (listed twice)
    ASPPlayground 2.5.5
    bbBoard 2
    beehive 0.5
    CFBB 1.3.1
    CHC Forum
    Community Server 2
    CuteCast 2.x
    DCForum+ MySQL 1.27
    Deluxe Portal 2.0
    DigiPost 2
    DiscusWare (file based) 4.00.6
    DiscusWare 4.x Pro tab file data
    Discuz 2.5
    Discuz 4
    dotnetBB 2.4.2
    Drupal 4.7
    e107 0.7.8
    Edge CMS 13-11-2005
    FUD Forum 2.x
    Geeklog 1.3.10
    Infopop Open Topic 4.0
    InstantForum 4.1.4
    JForum 2.1.5
    Jive Forums 4
    Max Web Portal
    megaBBS 1.69 - 2.2
    mercuryboard 1.1.4
    miniBB 2.0.1
    mysmartbb 1.5
    MxBoard 1.1.4
    MyBulletinBoard (MyBB) 1.2.2
    MyTopix 1.3
    openBB 1.0.7
    Oxygen 1.7.x
    Phorum 3.4.8
    Phorum 5.0.16
    Photopost 5.1
    phpMyForum 4.0.1
    PHP Fusion 6.00.301
    Phpwind 3.3.1
    PNphpBB2 (Post Nuke)
    PunBB 1.2.10
    Seditio 121
    Simple Board 1.0.4
    SiteFrame 3.1.8
    SiteNet BBS 2.0.3
    Simple Machines Forum 1.1.2
    ThWboard 3
    Toast Forums 1.6
    Tritanium BB2 2 Alpha 7
    trollix Xforum 2
    TruBB 1.1
    ttCMS 3.1
    Text file importer
    Infopop UBB classic 6.3-6.7
    versatile Bulletin Board 1.0 RC1
    vBulletin lite 1.0
    vbzoom 1.1
    w-Agora 4.1.7
    Webcrossing 5
    Web Wiz Forums 8.03
    wowBB 1.63
    XMB Forum 1.9
    Xoops - Newbb 2.0
    Xsorbit X5
    YaBB 2
    YaBB Gold 1.3.1
    YaBB SE 1.5.5
    Yet Another Forum 1.9.0
    Yahoo Groups access DB download
    Yahoo Groups raw text
    zeroforum 2.1.0

    Listed Twice:
    dotnetBB 2.4.2
    ASP-DEV 2.0

    Again ImpEx is really great, just curious on these 2 issues.
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    I renamed it to a list of all, as all the systems are in there on one page opposed to just the Tier 2, I wrote a script that builds the page from the current ImpEx dev directory so all the version numbers and current modules can be kept up to date, as it was there were duplicates from systems that I'd copied to work on, that I've removed.
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      Has anyone tried converting Allaire forums into vBulletin yet using the now available ImpEx Import?

      I have an Allaire 3.1.1 version (to my knowledge) forum to convert, so I would like to know of any watchouts before I try going down this path.

      Thanks in advance.



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