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Question about memory size

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  • Steve Machol
    I recommend 240, 240 and 32M in that order.

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  • bodyresource
    started a topic Question about memory size

    Question about memory size

    I want do do an import to my laptop from another machine.

    Now in the vBulletin Manual Impex Import System says this about importing medium/large databases:

    All of these take up memory (PHP has a large overhead for arrays) and this is before its even tried to select any source data to process and import.

    The bare minimum for a small import and running vBulletin is 8Meg, 16Meg is advised.

    For a medium import 32-64Meg would be expected. For a large source board, its a sliding scale of how big your forum is, though 64Meg is a good setting to start with.

    Changing the PHP memory limit requires access to you php.ini file and the ability to restart the webserver, if you do not have control of the webserver you may have to contact your ISP or find another server for the purposes of just doing the import.
    Now i need to know where in the php.ini file i can change this.

    I found this part in the php.ini file:

    ; Resource Limits ;
    max_execution_time = 30 ; Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds
    max_input_time = 60 ; Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data
    memory_limit = 8M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (8MB)

    Is the 8M the memory size the I need to change to import a medium size database ?

    I have a Pentium M 2.0Ghz, 533Mhz, 2MB L2 cache and 1GB of DD2.

    With those specs can i set it to 64M or even higher to get the most out of my system ?

    Any help is welcome.