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Errors importing from WebWiz 8.05a

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  • Errors importing from WebWiz 8.05a


    Been trying to migrate from webwiz and doing a test run to try and import. Have WebWiz running on MS-SQL Express 2005, but can't seem to use the importer to contact this SQL server. So i decided to use intelligent converter's MSSQL-to-MySQL to move a test database over to MySQL and try to import from MySQL.

    So far... have moved a test database and when I try to import, I get a success with all tables except for tblActiveUsers and tblBookmarks but i don't have these tables in WebWiz anyway...

    However, when I try to import usegroups I get this error:
    ImpEx Database errormysql error: Invalid SQL:
    INSERT INTO usergroup
    importusergroupid, title, description,
    usertitle, passwordexpires, passwordhistory,
    pmquota, pmsendmax,
    opentag, closetag, canoverride,
    ispublicgroup, forumpermissions, pmpermissions,
    calendarpermissions, wolpermissions, adminpermissions,
    genericpermissions, genericoptions, attachlimit,
    avatarmaxwidth, avatarmaxheight, avatarmaxsize,
    profilepicmaxwidth, profilepicmaxheight, profilepicmaxsize,
    signaturepermissions, sigpicmaxwidth, sigpicmaxheight,
    sigpicmaxsize, sigmaximages, sigmaxsizebbcode, sigmaxchars,
    sigmaxrawchars, sigmaxlines
    'Admin Group',
    'Admin Group',

    mysql error: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'passwordhistory' at row 1

    mysql error number: 1366
    Date: Friday 01st 2007f June 2007 04:20:18 PM
    Database: forum

    I am trying to import into 3.6.7 and i might also add, i had to change the 000.php in the webwiz impex so that the array was turned into lowercase... ie Author became author, because since I am running windows, the tables in MySQL are seen in lowercase for some reason....

    I could not find a workaround for the tables to be recognised in upper and lower case... Has anyone else had any experiences with WebWiz on a windows based machine moving from MSSQL or MySQL?
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    Read another post about the same problem, and realised just changing the array in 000.php, would not do anything so i changed it back. Followed instructions to change the case-sensitivity to 1 or 2 in MySQL and it still did not change the casing back to upper and lower case. All table names still remain in all lower case!

    I really would like to get this migration happening because i have spent a lot of money buying this whole package! Can anyone give me any good ideas?


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      To solve the database error, try to set the following to true in your ImpExConfig.php:

      PHP Code:
      To force the use of lowercase tablenames, set the following:

      PHP Code:
      PS You will find these settings in the bottom of your ImpExConfig.php
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        I feel like i'm having a discussion with myself! Thought I might just add, I fixed the case sensitivity problem, however, I am still getting the same errors with my import...


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          Please open a Support ticket providing all relevant details.
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