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  • Errors Importing From phpBB

    Hi, my phpBB forum is a phpBB3 Beta 5. I installed ImPEX and its showing in the AdminCP. Heres the iImpExConfig.php file:

    # TARGET - The target is the vBulletin database (where the  data is going to)
    $impexconfig['target']['server']        = 'localhost';
    $impexconfig['target']['user']            = 'hazard_Rowan';
    $impexconfig['target']['password']        = 'THECORRECTPASSWORDISHERE';
    $impexconfig['target']['database']        = 'hazard_vbulletin';
    $impexconfig['target']['tableprefix']    = 'vbhazard_';
    # If the system that is being imported from uses a database,
    # enter the details for it here and set 'sourceexists' to true.
    # If the source data is NOT stored in a database, set 'sourceexists' to false
    $impexconfig['sourceexists']            = true;
    # SOURCE - The source is the old forum database (where the  data is coming from)
    # mysql / mssql
    $impexconfig['source']['databasetype']    = 'mysql';  // mysql OR mssql
    $impexconfig['source']['server']        = 'localhost';
    $impexconfig['source']['user']            = 'hazard_Rowan';
    $impexconfig['source']['password']        = 'THECORRECTPASSWORDISHERE';
    $impexconfig['source']['database']        = 'hazard_hazardforum';
    $impexconfig['source']['tableprefix']   = 'phpbb_';
    When I go into Import > Import, select:
    Source Format: phpBB3
    Version To Export: vBulletin 3.6.5

    Begin Import....

    When I do "Check and update database" everything shows green.
    When I do "Associate Users" I leave them all empty as they will just be straight transfered over.
    When I do "Import Usergroup" everything shows green.
    When I do "Import User" everything shows green.

    Now, when I do "Import Forum", I get this:

    ImpEx Database errormysql error: Invalid SQL: SELECT importcategoryid FROM forum WHERE importcategoryid=50
    mysql error: Table '' doesn't exist
    mysql error number: 1146
    Date: Monday 07th of May 2007 08:13:52 AM
    Database: hazard_vbulletin
    MySQL error:
    How do I fix this? Been trying to fix it all day.

    Looking forward to reply,


    Currently under phpBB3 to vBulletin 3.6.5 Conversion.

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    mysql error: Table '' doesn't exist

    You are using the wrong db info in your ImpExConfig.php file. You need to check and fix this info.
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      This means PHP is using the same connection for both databases, for a work around change this in your ImpExConfig.

      PHP Code:
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