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XAMPP for Testing Impex Question

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  • XAMPP for Testing Impex Question

    Hi everyone,

    Im using XAMPP to test impex locally, however have run into a problem when trying to import my SQL DB into there.

    It is too large.

    Reading up on here, I found the following information:

    Copy the files to where ever the MySQL bin directory is, by default I believe its :

    C:\Program Files\xampp\mysql\bin

    Use phpMyAdmin (xampp comes with phpMyAdmin) and create two databases :


    source and target.

    Open up a DOS prompt and cd to C:\Program Files\xampp\mysql\bin.

    Then load the files using the command line via the DOS window (much better for big files that phpMyAdmin) :

    mysql source < source.sql
    mysql target < target.sql

    depending on what your source.sql and target.sql file names actually are.
    I have navigated to the Bin file for the sql file.

    for that last part. ie.

    msql source etc.

    Do I use the copy in DOS? Im a little confused with that last part of the instruction.

    My source file is:


    I created a Database in xampp called phpbb ( so that would be my target? )

    what do I type into the command line?

    Many thanks


    EDIT: Ive been trying to work out how to do this .

    Here is what I have, the command seems to be ok, but now I am getting an error

    Here is what Im seeing:

    Can anyone help? Im stuck at this point.

    Thanks so much
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    If you have a

    <br />
    In your SQL file, I'm guessing that is corrupt as thats HTML not SQL.

    Best check the SQL file, dose have lots of SQL in it and not a HTML error message etc.
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      Hi Jerry, thankyou for the reply.

      I just tried to open the .sql file with notepad.... its 320mb it crashed my computer trying to open that.

      Ive been speaking with Marco through the ticket support and have given him my details, he is going to download my Database and have a look.

      Hopefully whatever is wrong can be resolved and I can go about importing to VB soon.

      thanks so much for all the help



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        Will be able to handle the file, though I'm sure Marco can take care of it
        I wrote ImpEx.

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