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Ezboard Import Done - Merge users possible?

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  • Ezboard Import Done - Merge users possible?

    I just had my Ezboard imported to vB. I am just wondering if there is a way to match up my imported ez members to my currrent vB members. Mainly, I just want all their old ezboard posts to show up together with the vB posts when you search the user (find all posts).

    Instead of all my ezboard posts showing up as "guest" with a username, I want them to link to the actual current member. If there was a way, I would match them up myself one by one. I have a little less than 200 members. So I would be happy doing it my self, one member at a time, if I knew the SQL to set all posts with username * a member ID *

    The merge feature in the admin area would work great if you had the option to merge by username and not userid.

    Found the answer on , works great!
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    Merging users is a default vBulletin feature.

    Admin Control Panel > Users > Merge Users.
    Of course, this does not work for users who are guests, these have to be linked to a real username before they can be merged or logged into.