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importing php from different host (impex)

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  • importing php from different host (impex)

    I recently switch hosts, and decided this was a good time to switch from php to vb as well. Well, vb is up and running on my new host, and php on my old, but I am having trouble importing using impex.

    I am getting this:
    Remove ImpEx once import is complete and final
    ImpEx build version : 1.80
    Connection to source server failed. Check username and password.
    I know for sure username and password are correct. So, I am thinking that there is something I am missing. Is there something else I need to do when importing from a different host?

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    You probably won't be able to do this. For this to work that remote server will need to be configured specifically to allow remote connections from your server and virtually all hosts do not allow this for security reasons.

    You are going to need to move that source data to your vB server.
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