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  • Import from Xoops

    I'm in the middle of doing an import from Xoops to Vb3. I'm familiar with forum admin and databases, but not specifically with either of these.

    I've done a trial run with ImpEx, but did not get the results I was expecting, so have a few questions:
    • Type of import - Clean
    • Target version - vB 3.6.5
    1. in the 1st Module, it returned

    moderator - importmoderatorid OK
    usergroup - importusergroupid OK
    ranks - importrankid OK
    poll - importpollid OK
    forum - importforumid OK
    forum - importcategoryid OK
    user - importuserid OK
    style - importstyleid OK
    thread - importthreadid OK
    post - importthreadid OK
    thread - importforumid OK
    smilie - importsmilieid OK
    pmtext - importpmid OK
    avatar - importavatarid OK
    customavatar - importcustomavatarid OK
    customprofilepic - importcustomprofilepicid OK
    post - importpostid OK
    attachment - importattachmentid OK
    pm - importpmid OK
    usernote - importusernoteid OK
    phrase - importphraseid OK
    subscription - importsubscriptionid OK
    subscriptionlog - importsubscriptionlogid OK

    Valid found tables :

    cd9l31_bb_categories found.
    cd9l31_bb_forums found.
    cd9l31_bb_posts found.
    cd9l31_bb_posts_text found.
    cd9l31_bb_topics found.
    cd9l31_users found.

    Possiablly custom tables or incorrect prefix :

    cd9l31_bb_forum_access NOT found.
    cd9l31_bb_forum_mods NOT found.

    I've read in other posts that the bottom 2 errors can be ignored. However, if those tables are not there, how does the import deal with the mod and forum access, as it appears that no info has been transferred in relation to these areas.

    2. The import hasn't copied over PMs. From the results of module 1(above) it appears to be checking for them.

    3. The forum table has been transferred, but they aren't visible in the forum.

    There may be other areas that have not transferred over, that I haven't found yet. Can someone tell me if this transfer is supposed to be complete, or if there are some bits that need coying manually, and if so what bits?



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    Make sure that you followed the instruction under The End Game in Importing HOWTO
    Want to take your board beyond the standard vBulletin features?
    Visit the official Member to Member support site for vBulletin Modifications:


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      Originally posted by Marco van Herwaarden View Post
      Make sure that you followed the instruction under The End Game in Importing HOWTO
      Ok, that has sorted question 3 what about the others?


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        PMs aren't imported from Xoops.
        I wrote ImpEx.

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