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YahooGroups->PGOffline->MySql->ImpEx->no worky

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  • YahooGroups->PGOffline->MySql->ImpEx->no worky

    I have successfully downloaded all of the posts from my Yahoo Groups (over 24,766 posts BTW) into an access database (.mdb)

    And using Navacat I have successfully imported the data from that .mdb file into a MySQl database.

    Looking over the data in the MySql database everything looks good and I have the following tables in the asc2k database:

    tblgroups (contains valid data)
    tblmil_addresses (no records)
    tblsystem (contains valid data)
    tblygr_asc2k (30,888 records)
    tblygr_asc2k_att (there are no attachments)
    tblygr_asc2k_mmb (contains valid data)

    My ImpExConfig.php file appears to be setup correctly as it is talking to both the source and the target databases.

    Here are it's settings:

    $impexconfig['target']['databasetype'] = 'mysql';
    $impexconfig['target']['server'] = 'localhost';
    $impexconfig['target']['user'] = 'root';
    $impexconfig['target']['password'] = '';
    $impexconfig['target']['database'] = 'dc_forums';
    $impexconfig['target']['tableprefix'] = '';
    $impexconfig['target']['charset'] = '';

    $impexconfig['sourceexists'] = true;

    # mysql / mssql
    $impexconfig['source']['databasetype'] = 'mysql';
    $impexconfig['source']['server'] = 'localhost';
    $impexconfig['source']['user'] = 'root';
    $impexconfig['source']['password'] = '';
    $impexconfig['source']['database'] = 'ygroups';
    $impexconfig['source']['tableprefix'] = '';
    $impexconfig['source']['charset'] = '';

    Both databases are on the same server. (both the Vbulletin database and the ygroups database)

    Since there is no prefix used in either the source nor the target, it is not specified.

    I select 91 . Yahoo Groups access dB download as my source database and then click on 'begin import'.

    When I click on the 'Check and update database' button I get the following message:

    "This module will check the tables in the database as well as the connection."

    I click on 'Check Database' and then I get the following error message:

    moderator - importmoderatorid OK
    usergroup - importusergroupid OK
    ranks - importrankid OK
    poll - importpollid OK
    forum - importforumid OK
    forum - importcategoryid OK
    user - importuserid OK
    style - importstyleid OK
    thread - importthreadid OK
    post - importthreadid OK
    thread - importforumid OK
    smilie - importsmilieid OK
    pmtext - importpmid OK
    avatar - importavatarid OK
    customavatar - importcustomavatarid OK
    customprofilepic - importcustomprofilepicid OK
    post - importpostid OK
    attachment - importattachmentid OK
    pm - importpmid OK
    usernote - importusernoteid OK
    phrase - importphraseid OK
    subscription - importsubscriptionid OK
    subscriptionlog - importsubscriptionlogid OK

    Valid found tables :

    Possiablly custom tables or incorrect prefix :

    Groups NOT found.
    System NOT found. Failed Check database permissions and connection, or table prefix to ensure its correct.

    Doing a search for 'Groups NOT found', I come up with the following thread:

    But I'm not using any prefixes... so I assume that doesn't apply to me...

    Both databases are on the same local machine and ImpEx appears to be talking to them... (login and passwords are correct, so is the database and it's spelling... and so is the prefix.. which is NONE).

    What's wrong?
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    OK, I figured that one out by myself

    ========= LATER ==========

    OK, I found the problem.

    The problem was (for those who may have this same issue) is that ImpEx CAPS the first letter of 'Groups' and 'System'...

    But PGOffline does NOT cap the first letter.

    This is what cause ImpEx to not find anything.

    So all I did was change the first letter of Groups and System to be lowercase in the 000.php file.

    Now, I have another issue...

    ImpEx can't find any posts or users!

    It goes through the motions, but no users can be found... no threads can be found, and (of course) no posts are found.

    Any ideas?
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      Please submit a support ticket then we can look into this.
      Kerry-Anne :)

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        Originally posted by Kerry-Anne View Post
        Please submit a support ticket then we can look into this.
        Will do.




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          For yahoo-groups you'll need to set :

          PHP Code:
          Also, ImpEx was updated (today) to allow guest posts, which yahoo groups has a lot of if it can't find the user by email.
          I wrote ImpEx.

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