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Clean-Out Database for Re-Importing

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  • antiekeradio
    is the reason to comment it out again security-related? wouldn't hurt to have an option for this permanently

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  • Steve Machol
    The only way I know to do this would be to download your styeles and settings, reinstall vB, then reimport the phpBB data and the old style and settings.

    Styles you can download and save, then upload after reinstalling.

    For the settings, add this to config.php to enter into debug mode:


    Add this line:
    $config['Misc']['debug'] = 1;

    Then go into vBulletin Options. You will see the new option to Download/Upload Settings. Remove or comment out the debug line when you are done.

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  • Dr. Bantham
    started a topic Clean-Out Database for Re-Importing

    Clean-Out Database for Re-Importing


    I am a new vBulletin convert from IntegraMOD, a pre-packaged variant of phpBB. I used ImpEx to import my database with reasonable success. There were a few failures and broken elements, but with additional effort I was pleased enough with the outcome that the port is viable.

    After working through the initial import with a slightly outdated version of the source database, I started tweaking VB with various mods and styles. I must confess that I jumped ahead without resolving all of the import issues first, as I was too excited to hold back from trying out features and such. At this point, I am getting close to being ready for the live switchover. However, since there were some database import failures and the data is now old, I now wish to re-import from scratch while still maintaining all of the mod/style settings I have toiled away on. I want to have all record id settings reset as well. In other words, I want member and post numbers starting from 1, not the last record plus 1. How can I best accomplish this? I would hate to abandon my custom modifications.

    I am elated with my decision to port to vBulletin. The product is solid, modification is sinfully easy and the support/community base is fantastic!

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