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How To: Dragonfly CMS with ForumsPro

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  • How To: Dragonfly CMS with ForumsPro

    I do hope that this is helpful to someone who might want to convert from DragonflyCMS with ForumsPro. A how-to was already posted with the default forums installed, but I'd like to note how I did it with ForumsPro installed.

    This uses the phpBB2 import system.

    If you are using the standard (built-in) Dragonfly CMS forums, please see the following thread:

    • This will not convert Karma over to Reputation. It will also not convert over any of the ForumsPro attachments or other features. It will simply import your users, forums, posts, and PMs.
    • If you have sub-forums, this will not nest the forums. You will need to modify the forums and move them back under the correct parent forum.
    • This will not copy over permissions. You will need to set up viewing/posting permissions again.
    • If you are using a different database you will need to export your old data and import it into the new database. If you are using the same database, please skip down to "Preparing for Conversion".
    • If you used a different table prefix than cms_ always replace my examples with your table prefix.
    Different Database - Export Old Data
    Export the following tables from your old database using your favorite MySQL admin tool, such as phpMyAdmin:

    I recommend exporting them as separate files, due to size and processing limits. Depending on the size of your forum, you may want to consider exporting cms_fpro_posts and cms_fpro_posts_text separately, as they will be very large.

    Different Database - Import Old Data
    You will now need to import the above tables into your new database. If you are using phpMyAdmin, use the Import option at the top. Please be patient, as this may take a while.

    Preparing for Conversion
    You will need to rename the cms_bbsmilies table to cms_fpro_smilies.

    To do this in phpMyAdmin, browse the data of the cms_bbsmilies table, and click Operations at the top. It will allow you to rename it.

    Conversion Steps
    This is where it might get confusing. We will be performing the conversion, but modifying the ImpEx Config file several times, to make sure that the scripts are looking at the correct tables.

    Step 1
    Follow the ImpEx instructions for uploading ImpEx. Modify the ImpEx Config file as instructed, but choose the source table prefix as "cms_".

    Step 2
    Start the import choosing phpBB2 as the system, and run option 001. This will initialize the import. This will also give you errors! Don't worry, we are just wanting to initialize the tables.

    Afterwards, run 004 (import Users).

    Step 3
    Change the ImpEx Config file, and modify the table prefix to "cms_bb".

    003 (user groups)
    011 (PMs)
    012 (Ranks)

    Step 4
    Change the ImpEx Config file and modify the prefix table to "cms_fpro_". Make sure you have the trailing _.

    Run 006 through 010. You do not need to run 013 (attachments) as this will not import attachments (or, at least, it wouldn't import them for my test runs).


    Don't forget to run through the post-conversion cleanup steps. This is essential!
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