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  • Marco van Herwaarden
    You only need to use the associate users module if you have members that are already registered at your vBulletin forums, and have a different email address on your old forum. Then you can use this module to associate users that will be imported with an existing vBulletin user.

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  • ravencr
    I've got everything populated now, except for my users. When I run the associate users part of the import, the boxes are empty on the right with the users on the left. What do I put in those boxes?

    Here's the forum:

    Thanks for the help,


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  • Marco van Herwaarden
    Please see the After Game section in Importing HOWTO

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  • ravencr
    Well, I got it to import, but nothing is showing up in the new forum, just the main forum, no members, etc. Here's what the import looks like:

    Import / Export :: phpBB2
    Module Action Successful Failed Time taken
    001 Check and update database 1 0 1 sec(s)
    002 Associate Users 0 0 0 sec(s)
    003 Import usergroup 1 0 1 sec(s)
    004 Import user 191 1 3 sec(s)
    005 Import banlist 0 0 1 sec(s)
    006 Import forum 21 0 2 sec(s)
    007 Import thread 152 0 1 sec(s)
    008 Import smilie 42 0 1 sec(s)
    009 Import post 2670 0 11 sec(s)
    010 Import poll 5 0 1 sec(s)
    011 Import Private messages 163 0 3 sec(s)
    012 Import rank 2 0 1 sec(s)
    013 Import attachment 0 0 1 sec(s)
    Totals: 3248 1

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  • ravencr
    When I try to do the second item: associate users it gives me this error:

    ImpEx Database errormysql error: Invalid SQL:
    SELECT user_id,username
    FROM users
    ORDER BY user_id
    LIMIT 0,25

    mysql error: Table 'utvrally.users' doesn't exist

    mysql error number: 1146

    Date: Thursday 01st of March 2007 12:46:23 AM
    Database: utvrally
    MySQL error: Table 'utvrally.users' doesn't exist

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  • ravencr
    // ****** DATABASE TYPE ******
    // This is the type of the database server on which your vBulletin database will be located.
    // Valid options are mysql and mysqli, for slave support add _slave. Try to use mysqli if you are using PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1+
    $config['Database']['dbtype'] = 'mysql';

    // ****** DATABASE NAME ******
    // This is the name of the database where your vBulletin will be located.
    // This must be created by your webhost.
    $config['Database']['dbname'] = 'utvrally';

    // ****** TABLE PREFIX ******
    // Prefix that your vBulletin tables have in the database.
    $config['Database']['tableprefix'] = '';

    // ****** TECHNICAL EMAIL ADDRESS ******
    // If any database errors occur, they will be emailed to the address specified here.
    // Leave this blank to not send any emails when there is a database error.
    $config['Database']['technicalemail'] = '[email protected]';

    // ****** FORCE EMPTY SQL MODE ******
    // New versions of MySQL (4.1+) have introduced some behaviors that are
    // incompatible with vBulletin. Setting this value to "true" disables those
    // behaviors. You only need to modify this value if vBulletin recommends it.
    $config['Database']['force_sql_mode'] = false;

    // This is the hostname or IP address and port of the database server.
    // If you are unsure of what to put here, leave the default values.
    $config['MasterServer']['servername'] = '';
    $config['MasterServer']['port'] = 3306;

    // This is the username and password you use to access MySQL.
    // These must be obtained through your webhost.
    $config['MasterServer']['username'] = 'fdghdr';
    $config['MasterServer']['password'] = 'dfghdfgh';

    // This option allows you to turn persistent connections to MySQL on or off.
    // The difference in performance is negligible for all but the largest boards.
    // If you are unsure what this should be, leave it off. (0 = off; 1 = on)
    $config['MasterServer']['usepconnect'] = 0;

    // If you have multiple database backends, this is the information for your slave
    // server. If you are not 100% sure you need to fill in this information,
    // do not change any of the values here.
    $config['SlaveServer']['servername'] = '';
    $config['SlaveServer']['port'] = 3306;
    $config['SlaveServer']['username'] = '';
    $config['SlaveServer']['password'] = '';
    $config['SlaveServer']['usepconnect'] = 0;

    // This setting allows you to change the name of the folders that the admin and
    // moderator control panels reside in. You may wish to do this for security purposes.
    // Please note that if you change the name of the directory here, you will still need
    // to manually change the name of the directory on the server.
    $config['Misc']['admincpdir'] = 'admincp';
    $config['Misc']['modcpdir'] = 'modcp';

    // Prefix that all vBulletin cookies will have
    // Keep this short and only use numbers and letters, i.e. 1-9 and a-Z
    $config['Misc']['cookieprefix'] = 'bb';

    // ******** FULL PATH TO FORUMS DIRECTORY ******
    // On a few systems it may be necessary to input the full path to your forums directory
    // for vBulletin to function normally. You can ignore this setting unless vBulletin
    // tells you to fill this in. Do not include a trailing slash!
    // Example Unix:
    // $config['Misc']['forumpath'] = '/home/users/public_html/forums';
    // Example Win32:
    // $config['Misc']['forumpath'] = 'c:\program files\apache group\apache\htdocs\vb3';
    $config['Misc']['forumpath'] = '';

    // The users specified here will be allowed to view the admin log in the control panel.
    // Users must be specified by *ID number* here. To obtain a user's ID number,
    // view their profile via the control panel. If this is a new installation, leave
    // the first user created will have a user ID of 1. Seperate each userid with a comma.
    $config['SpecialUsers']['canviewadminlog'] = '1';

    // The users specified here will be allowed to remove ("prune") entries from the admin
    // log. See the above entry for more information on the format.
    $config['SpecialUsers']['canpruneadminlog'] = '1';

    // The users specified here will be allowed to run queries from the control panel.
    // See the above entries for more information on the format.
    // Please note that the ability to run queries is quite powerful. You may wish
    // to remove all user IDs from this list for security reasons.
    $config['SpecialUsers']['canrunqueries'] = '';

    // The users specified here will not be deletable or alterable from the control panel by any users.
    // To specify more than one user, separate userids with commas.
    $config['SpecialUsers']['undeletableusers'] = '';

    // ****** SUPER ADMINISTRATORS ******
    // The users specified below will have permission to access the administrator permissions
    // page, which controls the permissions of other administrators
    $config['SpecialUsers']['superadministrators'] = '1';

    // Here you can configure different methods for caching datastore items.
    // vB_Datastore_Filecache - for using a cache file
    // $config['Datastore']['class'] = 'vB_Datastore_Filecache';
    // vB_Datastore_Memcached - for using a Memcache server
    // It is also necessary to specify the hostname or IP address and the port the server is listening on
    // $config['Datastore']['class'] = 'vB_Datastore_Memcached';
    // $config['Misc']['memcacheserver'] = '';
    // $config['Misc']['memcacheport'] = '11211';

    // ****** The following options are only needed in special cases ******

    // ****** MySQLI OPTIONS *****
    // When using MySQL 4.1+, MySQLi should be used to connect to the database.
    // If you need to set the default connection charset because your database
    // is using a charset other than latin1, you can set the charset here.
    // If you don't set the charset to be the same as your database, you
    // may receive collation errors. Ignore this setting unless you
    // are sure you need to use it.
    // $config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8';

    // Optionally, PHP can be instructed to set connection parameters by reading from the
    // file named in 'ini_file'. Please use a full path to the file.
    // Example:
    // $config['Mysqli']['ini_file'] = 'c:\program files\MySQL\MySQL Server 4.1\my.ini';
    $config['Mysqli']['ini_file'] = '';

    // Image Processing Options
    // Images that exceed either dimension below will not be resized by vBulletin. If you need to resize larger images, alter these settings.
    $config['Misc']['maxwidth'] = 2592;
    $config['Misc']['maxheight'] = 1944;

    || ####################################################################
    || # Downloaded: 01:27, Thu Mar 1st 2007
    || # CVS: $RCSfile$ - $Revision: 15747 $
    || ####################################################################

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  • ravencr
    For what exactly?


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  • Colin F
    As the error message says, that mysql user doesn't have permission to access that database. Check your config file settings.

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  • ravencr
    Then if I click the database cleanup button above it, it gives me this error:

    ImpEx Database errormysql error: cannot use database vbulletin_forum

    mysql error: Access denied for user 'ravencr'@'' to database 'vbulletin_forum'

    mysql error number: 1044

    Date: Thursday 01st of March 2007 12:19:04 AM
    Database: vbulletin_forum
    MySQL error: Access denied for user 'ravencr'@'' to database 'vbulletin_forum'

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  • ravencr
    It's doing it though as soon as I click the import button. Do I just let it do it's thing at this point, because it doesn't appear to be doing anything?


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  • Marco van Herwaarden
    This probably means that you have started a module but never finished it. Some modules might need some more time to finish.

    First please let the page run for a while. If this is not solving you problem, please use the link in the top of the page to reset your impex session.

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  • ravencr
    started a topic Import problem...Please help!

    Import problem...Please help!

    When I click import, all I get is this screen and now list like it shows in the manual of each item I need to go through. I did get it originally, then it stopped working.

    Here's what's on the screen when I click import:

    Using includes/config.php for target config.

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