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Problem: All old threads stickied?

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  • Problem: All old threads stickied?


    Im having a big problem which I only noticed today.

    I imported nearly about a week back, but today I noticed that all new threads created are not listed near the top after the sticky ones.

    Instead the older (imported) threads seem to be 'sticky' without actually having being set that way by me. Their status is normal (ie not sticky) but they just remain in the same position and any newer threads created are placed after them bot before.

    The forum display is set to show newer threads 1st and older last

    And the only way to get them to behave normally is to edit the thread and change its title to something else

    I have over 4,600 threads in all probably about 4000 were imported and it would be imposible for me to go around changing every single ones titles!!

    So can someone suggest a method whereby I can fix this?


    PS: Just thought I would mention...rebuilding thread info etc via maintenence dosent fix it
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    Check your thread sort field in your forum manager by going to:

    AdminCP > Forums & Moderators > Forum Manager > Edit (on a forum affected) > Default Sort Field.

    This needs to be Last Post Time to display in date order. If it is something else then you will need to change it.

    Repeat the process for each forum affected.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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      wow thanks thats fixed it straight away

      u should bemade president of vB