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SMF 1.1 to vB 3.6.4 - All users banned HELP!

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  • SMF 1.1 to vB 3.6.4 - All users banned HELP!


    I ran impex, everything went well

    But now every single user has been automatically added to the ban list. I didnt change any permissions didnt do anything after the import AT ALL. But the ban was placed automatically, how come?

    Also can you please let me know how to fix this?
    Instead of lifting the ban off 1300+ members is there a quicker method to do it?

    Further more I noticed in membergroups that now I have duplicated membergroups, like super mods, global mods, admin, admin - will i have to port these over manually or what can I do? Delete the original from vB and leave the imported or what? Please any help appretiated

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    First, move your users from them imported usergroups into the default ones by going to:

    AdminCP > Users > Prune/Move Users

    Select the usergroup which the users are in, clear the days registered box and put todays date in the Join Date Is Before box.

    Click find.

    Use the check box at the top of the returned list of users to select all, then scroll to the bottom.

    Select Move and the desired usergroup for them to be placed into. Then click Go.

    This will move your users from the imported usergroup into the default one.

    You do not need to do this for the registered users though, only other users like super mods and admins.

    Once you have done this, delete the imported usergroups. Deleting a usergroup containing users moves them to the Registered Users usergroup.

    If you have any other usergroups which you do not want to delete, go to edit usergroup and change the setting This Usergroup is not a 'Banned' Group to Yes to remove the ban on the users contained in it.
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      Thanks its working wondefully


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        Ok now a new issue cropped up
        M apologies if this is a total newbie question, but Ive only been using vB for the past 2 days really.

        Now what happened is that ALL my topics from every board which was older than 30 days dissapeared and instead there is a message:

        There have been no posts in the last 30 days in this forum.
        Try using the controls below to search for any older posts that may exist.

        Is there a way to resolve this ?

        Just to let you know, this was a test import, so even if I messed up its not a big deal, but for the live import I would like to prevent this, so please let me know how.



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