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After import the users IDs dont match the IDs that were in Photopost

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  • After import the users IDs dont match the IDs that were in Photopost

    It seems that the users were assigned new ids when they got moved to VB

    seems they are skewed by a few numbers

    you can see what I mean here

    thats my user name by another persons pictures yeller cat is user id 3 in PP and user id 4 in VB
    I uploaded the google image

    silver_2000 os user id 3 in VB

    Is there a way to clean this up ?

    I hope >

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    Yes, new userids were assigned, there is no avoiding this. Theres also no way to change this,


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      So the import trashed the gallery - cool !!!!


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        I dont see how the import trashed the gallery exactly? Did you do the import on your live db without a backup?


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          The gallery is still up and its showing pictures

          In your previous post you stated the user ids changed during import.
          Photopost uses the user id to identify the pictures the users have posted.
          Since VB impex import scrambled the user ids, now user A is linked to user X's pictures ...

          Is there a pattern to the import ? some way I can run a sql query on the pp tables in the database and try to fix this ?

          I have daily backups of the DBs going back some time - The only restore I would know how to do, that would fix this, is to reinstall Phpbb and go back to using it. I was hoping for some help in potentially working out the changes needed to fix this without having to revert to phpbb, which honestly isnt a viable solution now after spending $150 and dozens of hours on the migration.

          I can undo the integration and point photopost BACK to the Phpbb users table but thats not a good solution either since the VB login wont work and the cookies wont be shared and any new users wont be able to login to the gallery etc etc.

          Thanks in advance
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            Userid mapping

            It wasn't ImpEx and it wasn't vBulletin, its the manner in which MySQL auto_inc works.

            Because PhotoPost doesn't store its ID's in a lookup manner its direct, their application breaks when the userid's are changed.
            I wrote ImpEx.

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              ironically I posted a note on the PP forums 4 days ago
              The lead posted that I was in trouble and there were no good options so I dumped the database and reinstalled

              The users werent thrilled - as it turns out - today the primary support guy posts that there is in fact a fix script that was written - its in the import section of their forum - I had searched the forum quite a bit but didnt see it

              In fact it does work - I restored a backup of the database and the images to a test folder - the fix script works. I just need to the logins to work on the
              test install then move it to production



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                PhotoPost and myself have had the conversation a few times before, though as you can't force userid's into a vBulletin database without breaking it and they want to reference the id's directly without using a look up, there is no way around it at this time.

                Their script should work, the importuserid's are store in the vBulletin database for this purpose, 3rd party apps can use them to re-sync themselves to the new userids, I'm glad they sorted that out
                I wrote ImpEx.

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