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PHPBB user import failure & huge loading times

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  • PHPBB user import failure & huge loading times

    • Clean import
    • Source PHPBB 2.0.21 (previously updated from 2.0.10)
    • Target vBulletin 3.6.4
    • Can't import all users & endless loading
    • No sql errors (haven't noticed any - loading simply won't finish, so I have to stop it manually)
    Hi, I have encountered these problems -
    1. Can't import all users into vBulletin. We have about 1600 users registered now on our PHPBB forum, but Impex imports only 1404 and then the import fails. Problem is, that loading in browser is endless, so I simply can't reach any error message or something that should point me to the error.
    2. As I said, loading takes too much time (it never stops) - for expample when I did the first step (database check and update), I let it load for about two hours (I knew it was weird, but I let it go only to be sure) and than I stopped the browser manually. Then I logged in back and saw that the first step took only 7 secs. It was the same with usergroups (the progress indicator was blank all the time). When importing users I switched from Firefox 2 to IE and I've finally seen some progress in the progress bar, but it loaded only to the half of the progress bar but the page continued to load - it didn't finish with any error message. Only after stoping the browser (after couple of minutes) I logged in and noticed 1 failure in user import and the number of users imported was 1404 instead of all our users - and under "time taken" was "26 secs".
    At first I thought that the second error should have something to do with server memory limits and times, so I added this piece of code to the confing.php, but without any success -

    ini_set('memory_limit', 32 * 1024 * 1024);
    ini_set("max_execution_time", "480");

    I provided a screenshot of admincp/import in attachments.

    Thanks in advance for your help, I really appreciate it - since I haven't got any idea how to fix this.
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    Hm, when looking into the database I noticed that user id numbers start at 60, not at 1, so maybe it did import all users, except one (cause I guess that the total number of users was about 1460++, not 1600 - but that failure is still there (maybe if it is only 1 account, it could be admin account, don't know), along with huge loading times)..


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      Do not import the avatars, this is the #1 issue with phpBB user imports as they can be remotely hosted, this will kill PHP with the network time out.
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