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Import polls PNphpBB => Vbulletin 3.6.4

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  • Import polls PNphpBB => Vbulletin 3.6.4

    Basically I'm going to explain how to import polls from PNphpBB to vbulletin.
    First of all this method is not the best but it works. Make sure you do backsups and old those staff I don't wanna be responsible if something messes up.

    Basically what I did was to grab the Poll script from phpBB2 to PNphpBB. I've checked all the tables and fields of this tables, and they match between this two systems. I did a successful import so I'm pretty sure it works.

    I didn't have any hacks installed in my PNphpBB, just warning ^^
    Ok. Read everything before even starting

    Step 1.
    go to /impex/systems/phpBB2/
    rename 010.php to 011.php
    now movie it to /impex/systems/PNphpBB/

    Step 2.
    open 011.php
    find (should be online 24)
    PHP Code:
    class phpBB2_010 extends phpBB2_000
    $_dependent     '007'
    change to
    PHP Code:
    class PNphpBB_011 extends PNphpBB_000
    $_dependent     '006'
    Step 3.
    open 000.php in impex/systems/PNphpBB
    PHP Code:
        Returns the post_id => post array 
    And add above (step 4)

    Step 4.
    Open 000.php in impex/systems/phpBB2
    At about line 1050 you will find "* Returns the poll details as an array"
    select everything until line 1233 you will see "* Returns the pm details" just below it

    Now paste it in 000.php in impex/systems/PNphpBB above de line indicated in step 3

    Save poth 011.php and 000.php ^^

    Step 5.

    Upload them to your server ./impex/system/PNphpBB

    Step 6
    If it doesn't show on the menu as module 011 you will probabily have to delate all impex files and reupload them.

    This poll impor modue is dependent on Thread import module (006) so you will have to run it before you can import polls.

    Step 7
    Start importation, you know do everything as usual....

    Step 8
    When you try to activate 011 it will give you a table error, this is because the table name is designed for phpbb instead of PNphpBB. The isieas solution is:
    open: ImpExConfig.php
    and change the table prefix adding phpbb_ to your source table prefix
    for example
    mine was
    ['source']['tableprefix'] = 'nuke_';
    the name of my table was nuke_phpbb_xxxx
    so i changed it to
    ['source']['tableprefix'] = 'nuke_phpbb_';
    save changes and upload new impex config file

    basicaly is adding phpbb_ to your current prefix

    step 12.
    Run module 011
    And tachán it will work ^^


    Hope this helps someone till Impex imports PNphpBB polls ^^
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